2014 Leaf Vacuum Program

City employees have officially begun leaf pick up. Three crews will be working their way from east to west.   October 30, 2014

 North Crew - is on Ardmore at Denver headed south.

 Central Crew - is on Ardmore at Powell headed north. 

 South Crew - is on Cassingham at Main headed south.

 This program will conclude the week of December 1st (all alleys will be collected the week of December 8th).  Below are a few simple guidelines to follow to ensure leaves are picked up in a timely and efficent manner:    

*Rake leaves to the back of the curb but not in the street.  If possible, please avoid placing leaf piles near mailboxes, trees, lights or signs.    

*Leaves will be collected on a weekly basis as the city will deploy one crew in north, central and south Bexley.

*Please keep leaves out of storm water sewers and stream banks.  Leaves cause bacteria that depletes oxygen and can kill fish and other stream organisms. 

*Leaves can also be collected during scheduled yard waste collection dates if they are placed in paper yard waste bags or in a container marked “yard waste”.  


Trick Or Treat: Thursday, October 30th, 5:30 to 7:00 pm

Start prepping those costumes! Trick or Treat hours this year are 5:30 to 7:00 pm on Thursday, October 30th. You might have noticed in the water bill newsletter there's a typo that reads "Friday, October 30th" for trick-or-treat. Please disregard the "Friday" typo... trick-or-treat will be held on Thursday, October 30th, from 5:30 to 7:00 pm. To volunteer to help out on our Halloween Patrol, email or call the Rec department at (614) 559-4300!


2015 Trash Contract Details & Container Size Election Form

The City of Bexley has entered into a new contract with Rumpke for solid waste and recycling services thru 2017. As part of this contract Rumpke will provide each household with two 65 gallon wheeled toters for solid waste and recycling by December 24. Beginning with the second pick-up on January 12th of 2015 all trash and recycling must be contained within these toters (miscellaneous cans, bags and loose material other than yard waste and bulk items will not be picked up). Yard waste, bulk pickup, and carry-out service will remain status quo and senior citizen rates still apply. If you would like to have a larger (95 gallon) or smaller (35 gallon) toter delivered as opposed to the standard 65 gallon toter please let us know on or before October 24th by visiting www.bexley.org/trash and filling out our online form, or by calling the Service Department at (614) 559-4220. A FAQ and additional information is online at www.bexley.org/trash.


City Council sets 2015 Budget Review Timeline

City Council finance committee chair Tim Madison has set a timeline for review and discussion of the 2015 Bexley City budget.  Per Bexley Charter, the City budget is prepared by the Mayor and submitted for review and approval by City Council.  An initial presentation of the budget will be made to City Council at its September 23rd meeting, followed by a series of review processes and opportunities for revision leading up to the ultimate passage of the budget prior to the end of the year.  To view Councilman Madison's proposed budget review timeline, please click here.


Bexley in Photos: The Main Event Date Night

Couples at the Main Event Date night last week were asked to tell the stories of how they met, with filming assistance provided by the Drexel Theatre.