New Recycling Carts Are On Their Way

New recycling toters are rolling out to residents now.  See below for our recycling toter FAQ.
How much does the recycling toter cost?
We’ve received a grant from SWACO and the Recycling Partnership for the majority of the cost of the new toters with the remainder of the cost paid through the existing refuse rate, so there will be no additional charge for the new toters.
What should we do with our old red Rumpke bins?
If you wish to dispose of an existing red recycling bin, please place it by your collection spot on May 20th and they’ll be collected for re-use or recycling.  If you do not wish to dispose of your existing bins, they can be reused for storage or overflow recycling in the future.
Will collection of my recycling change with this new toter program?
Good news - there will be no change to pickup day or frequency.  Rumpke will continue to collect recycling weekly on Mondays.
Can I request a smaller or larger recycling container?
We ask all residents to use the cart for 30 days before deciding whether it is the correct size for you. 96 gallon toters are being deployed across Bexley, with the exception of residents who signed up for different sizes earlier this year.  The larger toter accommodates higher volumes of recyclables to encourage recycling. If after 30 days you’d still like a different size toter, please call (614) 559-4220.
When my recycling toter was delivered, the lid was bent. Is it broken?
No! Some lids will be bent but should flatten out and close properly over time.

If we’ve purchased a City of Bexley recycling toter in the past, do I get an additional one?
If you’ve already purchased a recycling toter, you are eligible for an additional toter upon request* by calling (614) 559-4220.

What if I have an extra toter and want to re-mark it for a different type of waste?
Existing toters, if clearly and fully re-marked accordingly, can be used for solid waste or yard waste.  

If you don't receive a toter in the next few days, one will be delivered to you soon. Please call our Service Department with any questions at (614) 559-4220.  As a reminder, City Hall opens at 8:00 am.

♻ Happy recycling! ♻

* Note: we readily admit that communication regarding situations where residents have pre-existing recycling toters has been inconsistent.  Our apologies for this; because we are working with grant funding we have had to adjust the way we are distributing to residents who already had purchased recycling toters.


CoGo Kickoff at Market District on May 13th

Who is ready to officially celebrate our CoGo Bike Share stations in Bexley?! Join us on Monday, May 13th at Market District Kitchen and Bar at 5:00 pm.

Mix and mingle while enjoying some food and drinks at the Market District Kitchen & Bar – your first drink is on CoGo! A ribbon cutting ceremony with remarks from CoGo and Bexley representatives will then take place, followed by a CoGo group bike ride led by Yay Bikes!. Grab some CoGo swag, free day passes, and try out a bike on the group ride. For more information, please check out their Facebook event page!


First Main Event of 2019 is May 24th

Activities and Food Starting at 6:00 pm, Movie Starts at Sundown

Oh how we've missed the Main Event! Mark your calendars for the first Main Event of 2019. We'll be showing The Greatest Showman on Capital's Main Street Lawn on Friday, May 24th. Activities and food will start at 6:00 pm, and the movie will begin at sundown. For more information about other movies we'll be showing over the summer, please click here.


June 4th - $50 Towards Rain Barrels, Compost Bin, or Native Plants

Community Backyards is an educational class that offers one $50 reimbursement to eligible Franklin County residents on one of the following: Rain Barrel, Compost Bin, Native Plants or Trees. 

Bexley and other Franklin County residents who attend this class, where conservationists will teach improving water quality with rain barrels and rain gardens, why native plants are so important, how composting improves soil conditions, and proper lawn care techniques will receive a voucher with listed eligible rebate items for their community.

For more information on participating communities and eligible rebate items, please contact Kristin Hilson at (614) 486-9613 or visit Community Backyards.


Fire Hydrant Flushing Begins May 20th

On Monday, May 20, 2019 the Bexley Water Department will begin flushing fire hydrants in the City. One crew will be assigned to the area south of Main Street; one crew to the area between Main and Broad Street; and one crew to the area north of Broad Street. We anticipate this work will take one week to complete. A flushing schedule will be posted and updated daily on our website – 

Users may notice that water is cloudy for a short time during and after this flushing program. Although the water may be cloudy, it is safe to drink. However, we advise residents to run cold water for about two minutes prior to doing any laundry. If you have any questions, please call our Water Department at (614) 559-4270.