The City of Bexley will not be moving to a semi-automated trash pickup system as previously advertised. On December 9, 2014, Bexley City Council approved new trash and recycling rates for 2015-17 starting on January 1, 2015. City Council and staff also determined that it would be in the city’s best interest to accept Rumpke Waste and Recycling’s three year “status quo” option given new information regarding the semi-automated option that was brought to light during contract negations. Specifically, while the City was told that additional cans would be able to be purchased by residents for a one time fee, it had not been specified that this was to be in addition to a recurring monthly fee in the range of $5.00 to $7.00. This recurring fee would negate any cost savings and would cost considerably more for residents requiring more than one can for trash or recycling. Due to this change, the City felt that it would be in the best interests of residents to retain our current level of service with Rumpke, with no change to the plan options.

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2014 Leaf Vacuum Program

Status update as of December 12, 2014

Our leaf crews have completed their third and final pass through all sections of Bexley.  They will be starting on the alleys next week.

This program will conclude the week of December 8th (all alleys will be collected the week of December 15th).  Below are a few simple guidelines to follow to ensure leaves are picked up in a timely and efficent manner:    

*Rake leaves to the back of the curb but not in the street.  If possible, please avoid placing leaf piles near mailboxes, trees, lights or signs.    


*Leaves will be collected on a weekly basis as the city will deploy one crew in north, central and south Bexley.

*Please keep leaves out of storm water sewers and stream banks.  Leaves cause bacteria that depletes oxygen and can kill fish and other stream organisms. 

*Leaves can also be collected during scheduled yard waste collection dates if they are placed in paper yard waste bags or in a container marked “yard waste”.  


City Council schedules tax abatement discussion for December 9th

Bexley City Council will review the proposed residential tax abatment ordinance, ordinance 63-14, at the December 9th City Council meeting.  Earlier in 2014, City Council clarified the City's existing residential property tax abatement program and scheduled a sunset date for December 31, 2014, in order to encourage further discussion of the program, which has been in place in Bexley in 2002, was amended in 2009, and was amended again in 2010.  To read a copy of the current proposed ordinance, click here.


City Council sets 2015 Budget Review Timeline

City Council finance committee chair Tim Madison has set a timeline for review and discussion of the 2015 Bexley City budget.  Per Bexley Charter, the City budget is prepared by the Mayor and submitted for review and approval by City Council.  An initial presentation of the budget will be made to City Council at its September 23rd meeting, followed by a series of review processes and opportunities for revision leading up to the ultimate passage of the budget prior to the end of the year.  To view Councilman Madison's proposed budget review timeline, please click here.


Bexley Planning Process Q&A - Follow-up Report

This follow-up report was drafted by the City administration, and does not necessarily reflect the views of City Council members.

On Monday, June 9, residents met with City staff, the City’s commercial plan reviewer, the Mayor, and some Planning Commission members, Board of Zoning Appeals members, and members of City Council to discuss Bexley’s planning process.  The Q&A session was called, by the administration, in response to resident concerns that had been expressed particularly in relation to Bexley’s planning standards, zoning laws, and ordinances relating to public notification of upcoming Planning Commission and Board of Zoning Appeals hearings.

The conversation during the evening covered a wide variety of topics, with the session beginning at 6:30 pm and running until past 9:00 pm.  This narrative is intended to cover some major themes from the conversation, and to provide a report back to participants and any other interested residents as to what next steps the City will be taking to address some of the issues and ideas that were raised.

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