Main Event Presents IMPROV NIGHT at the Historic Drexel Theater on Friday, April 21st

Friday, April 21st is The Main Event’s IMPROV NIGHT at Bexley’s newly renovated, and even more beautiful Drexel Theater. The Main Event Committee welcomes Here: The Musical, staring Tara DeFrancisco and Rance Rizzutto. While Tara and Rance perform locally as improve comedians at The Nest Theater in downtown Columbus, they also have toured their act internationally and are both veterans of the popular Second City Company in Chicago.

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2017 Bexley Clean-Up - April 22nd

Bexley Community Clean Day - April 22nd.  The Greater Bexley Clean-Up Day is back this year, with more opportunities than ever to help clean up!  Note the new drop-off location at Delmar Drive, right next to the police station (one-way route - enter from Cassady).  Household goods, unused prescription drug drop off, shredding, bikes, clothing, toys for donation; e-waste items, including car batteries and CFL lighbulbs; and excess building materials can all be brought for collection.  Volunteer oneline to help pick up trash in high priority areas of the City, and join us afterwards for a cookout with live music for volunteers.  Volunteer online now at!


Notice of Public Meeting - Appeal May 23rd at 6:00 p.m.

Please take notice that City Council will hold a hearing to consider the appeal filed by Justin and Lisa Kelley concerning their property at 834 S. Cassingham.  The appeal will consider the decision of the Bexley Board of Zoning and Planning concerning the denial of a proposed porch plan dated December 5, 2016 with porch steps located on the north side that would encroach into the Astor Avenue public right of way.  The hearing will be held on May 23rd, 2017 at 6:00 p.m. in City Council Chambers.


Southwest Bexley Framework Public Workshop 

A workshop recap and links to resources and an online survey

On May 18th, there will be a public workshop for the Southwest Bexley Master Plan Update, residents are encouraged to attend.  The draft plan was presented after multiple sessions of public feedback, and further feedback will be solicited before the preparation of a final plan.  To view a PDF and video of the presentation, please click here.  We are also soliciting feedback via an online survey.  After viewing presentation materials, please fill out the online survey by clicking here.

For more info on upcoming meetings and the master plan process, including a copy of the current Southwest Bexley Master Plan, please visit  


Columbus Changes to Traffic Signal at Main St & Alum Creek Dr

City of Columbus crews will make safety enhancements to the traffic signal at the intersection of E. Main Street and Alum Creek Drive the week of February 27, weather permitting. Crews will change the signal operation as seen from westbound E. Main Street at Alum Creek Drive.  Under the current configuration, vehicles can make a left turn when the signal is green (green circle) or when there is a green arrow.  

The signal operation will be changed to permit left turns only when the green arrow is lit. A red arrow will be displayed to remind drivers and cyclists in the turn lane that the turn is not allowed until the green arrow is displayed. The changes to this traffic signal will reduce the likelihood of a collision with left turning vehicles while maintaining the flow of traffic.

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