Fire Hydrant Flushing - August 1, 2016

On Monday, August 1, 2016, the Bexley Water Department will begin flushing fire hydrants in the city.  One crew will be assigned to the area south of Main Street; one crew to the area between Main Street and Broad Street; and one crew to the area north of Broad Street.  We anticipate this work will take one week to complete and a flushing schedule be posted and updated daily on the City of Bexley website.

Users may notice that the water is cloudy for a short time during and after this flushing program.  Although the water may be cloudy, it is safe drink.  However, we advise residents to run the cold water for about two minutes prior to doing any laundry.  If you have any questions relating to this subject, please contact the Bexley Water Department 614-559-4270.


Thank you.


View the Zika and Mosquito Prevention and Control Presentation



On June 16, 2016 at 7:30 pm at Bexley City Hall, the Franklin County Board of Health presented on Zika and its impact on central Ohio.  

Click here to view the presentation.  

Some major take-aways from the presentation included:

There is one species of mosquito in central Ohio that could theoretically carry Zika, but has not yet been observed in the field as a carrier.  This species is much less common than other types of mosquitoes in the region.

FCDPH has invested in additional traps and treatment equipment to further their monitoring and treatment of this type of mosquito

Zika-carrying mosquitoes are not expected to be present in Central Ohio in 2016

In the future, if mosquitoes in central Ohio do end up carrying Zika, winter freeze will break the transmission cycle

Residents are advised to:

Use insect repellant with DEET

Elminate all sources of standing water on property

Use mosquito dunks regularly if you have a rain barrel

Learn more about the Zika Virus and the Franklin County Board of Health's summer 2016 mosquito program. Experts from the Franklin County Board of Health will be presenting and offer the opportunity for a Q&A.  June 16, 2016 at 7:30 pm at Bexley City Hall.  For more information on Zika Virus and Board of Health strategies, click here.


Broad Street Phase II Construction begins This Week

Construction on Phase II of the city's Broad Street Reconstruction Project will resume this week. Eastbound traffic along Broad Street will be reduced to one lane from Westland Avenue to just east of Columbia Avenue starting June 13th and is expected to last three to four weeks (weather dependent). Construction activities include new curbs and gutters, asphalt resurfacing, landscaped medians and aesthetic improvements (standardized signage/lighting).


Register Now for the 3rd Annual Love Your Alley Competition

Register Now! Alley Judges Will Be Out on Saturday, August 6, 2016

The Love Your Alley initiative encourages residents and families to take part in the cleanup and beautification of Bexley. The contest bolsters cooperation amongst neighbors to help maintain their alleys and sidewalks. Judges will be combing the city to see which neighborhood block has the best looking alley. Winners of the contest will win a catered alley block party from Bexley Pizza Plus and Johnson’s Real Ice Cream with a Block Party Activity Kit from the Bexley Recreation and Parks Department. For your alley to have a chance to win, it must be registered at Register now, and start prepping for the Love Your Alley Day on August 6th!


"Goosebumps" at the Main Event Friday, July 15th!

Food trucks, inflatables, live music, and more at 6:30 / movie at 9:00

Join us at Capital's Main Lawn on May 27th for the kick-off of this summer's Main Event season, with live music, food trucks, activities, and "Finding Nemo" at sunset!

For more information on the Main Event summer series, visit
May 27: Finding Nemo (G)
June 23*: Wallace & Gromit (G) & Bexley Shorts Film Festival *Thursday night Main Event 
July 15: Goosebumps (PG)
August 12: Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens (PG-13)
August 26: "Date Night" at the Main Event Date Night (PG-13)
September 9: Inside Out (G)