The boil alert issued for property owners along Caroline Avenue from Cassady Avenue to Northview Drive has been lifted .

Thank you for your corporation.


Bexley Community Yard Sale and Freecycle

Community Yard Sale/Freecycle Signs Now Available

This year, yard signs to advertise your participation in the Bexley Community Yard Sale and Freecycle event will be available for purchase for $5 each through City Hall. They are designed to be reusable for subsequent years, so stop by City Hall during business hours to grab yours! Please note, yard signs should be placed in yards no sooner than Monday, April 27, 2015 to advertise for the event the following weekend.  For full information about the Community Yard Sale/Freecycle Event, and to register as a participant, please visit


Celebrate Arbor Day with us on April 24th!

We have a full schedule for arbor day this year, especially if you like maple syrup!  Whether you're interested in an educational workshop, a tree walk, some good labor with a tree planting, or just in tasting our 2015 "Kelveden" Bexley urban forest maple syrup, we've got something for you!

Schedule of Events:
7:00 am+:
French Toast + Bexley Maple Syrup at Zoe's Cafe
8:00 am: Sawmill demonstration with Bexley hardwood (@ Bexley Pool Parking Lot)
8:30 am: Forest walk with a City arborist at Jeffrey Park (meet @ Bexley Pool Parking Lot)
10:00 am: Maple scones at Cherbourg Bakery made with Bexley Maple Syrup 
10:00 am+:  Pre-order Walnut Maple Ice Cream with Bexley Maple Syrup at Johnson's Ice Cream
11:00 am+: Purchase 8 oz. bottles of Bexley Maple Syrup at Urban Emporium ($20 ea. - limited supply!)
3:30 pm: Planting of 8 Zelkova trees at Livingston and Sheridan Avenue (Peking Dynasty)
5:00 pm+: Bexley Maple Syrup Cocktail Hour at Giuseppe's Ritrovo 
All Day: Enjoy a self-guided arboretum walk.  Visit for our online map! 


2015 Summer Brochure & Activity Registration

The 2015 Summer Brochure is now available to view online, which includes full descriptions of our summer activities and events.  A hard copy of the brochure will be in the This Week Bexley Newspaper on Thursday, April 2nd. If you do not receive the brochure, there will also be hard copies available at Jeffrey Mansion, City Hall and the Library by Thursday, April 2nd.

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Statement Regarding Diversity and Inclusivity in the Bexley Community

Understandably, the community is concerned about a recent internet post regarding a query to a Bexley based business, in which the private business in question has reportedly denied a service based on sexual orientation.

The City is concerned as well. We are proud of our community's welcoming environment and encourage mutual respect and inclusivity.

Bexley, Ohio is a community that embraces diversity and welcomes businesses, families and individuals of ALL sexual orientation, race, religion, age, nationality, ethnicity, disabilities, socio-economic levels, etc. As an employer and a provider of services to our residents, we extend that same openness and inclusivity.

It is important to recognize, however, that the Bexley Area Chamber of Commerce is a private entity. The City of Bexley has no authority in matters pertaining to the Chamber’s membership or operations. We also know that the Chamber, whose volunteer board members are working on responding to these concerns, has a voice that needs to be heard before any conclusions are made regarding their position on this issue.

We welcome any dialogue and conversation that continues to develop the kind of open community we can all be proud of.