Office of the Auditor


 William Harvey, City of Bexley Auditor

The City Auditor is an elected official who serves as the Chief Fiscal Officer of the City of Bexley. As Chief Fiscal Officer, the City Auditor is responsible formaintaining a fiscally sound government that conforms to generally accepted accounting,legal and management principles.

The Auditor, along with the Finance Department, performs all the duties of a Treasurer, Controller, Cash Manager, Budget Director and Internal Auditor. In the performance of these duties, the Auditor prepares a General Purpose Financial Reports; is responsible for the collection, investment and disbursement of all revenue; monitors compliance with internal control procedures; oversees accounts payable activities, processing of payroll, and income tax administration; monitors and evaluates the condition of departmental budgets; reviews expenditures to ensure compliance with approved budgets, and maintains fixed asset records.

For detailed information regarding the city's finances and the city's income tax, please visit the finance department page on this website.