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Program Fees

The Bexley Recreation BACpack structure is designed to provide affordable and flexible options to meet the various needs of families within out community.  Within BACpack. the BRPD will provide separate AM,PM, and full day options.  Additionally, we will provide a daily drop-in option for families who are already registered users.

The following are the 2018/19 school year fees:

Monthly Rate

AM Only Care (7am - Start of School Day) - $149 per month

PM Only Care (End of School Day - 6pm) - $211 per month

AM & PM Care - $359 per month 

Daily Rate*

AM Only Care (7am - Start of School Day) - $11 per day

PM Only Care (End of School Day - 6pm) - $16 per day

AM & PM Care - $26 per day 

*Participants must already have all paperwork completed and on file.  You must contact the BACpack administrator at least one day in advance for daily drop-off.


Bi-Monthly Payment Dates

Payments will be made/charged on a bi-monthly schedule.  Payments must be made on or before the scheduled due date which will be the 1st and 15th of each month.  Below is the pay schedule:

August 1st - First Payment

September 1st & 15th

October 1st & 15th

November 1st & 15th

December 1st & 15th

January 1st & 15th

February 1st & 15th

March 1st & 15th 

April 1st & 15th

May 1st - Last Payment

We do not prorate any fees for any days that your child misses.