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Ben Kessler

Mayor of Bexley

Mayor Ben Kessler has held the office of Mayor since 2012, and his current term extends through the end of 2019.

Mayor Kessler is the current chair of the Central Ohio Mayors and City Managers Association, and is a board member with the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission.  Additionally, he has served as the chair of the Bexley Land Use Strategy Commission; a member of the Bexley Historical Society Board of Trustees; a committee member of the Alum Creek Corridor Committee and the Main Street Guidelines Committee; and a member of the Heritage Ohio Advisory Panel.

Prior to his election as Mayor, Ben was a member of City Council from 2008 through early 2012.  He has served in Bexley City Council as chair of the Zoning & Development Committee, chair of the Finance Committee, and briefly as President of Council in early 2012.

Prior to taking office as the Mayor of Bexley, Mayor Kessler was employed as a commercial real estate appraiser.

Mayor Kessler's goals include continuing to build on the success of the City's police and infrastructure services; focusing on redevelopment in the North Cassady and Livingston Avenue areas of the City; and continuing to push for sound fiscal policy that focuses on the long-term impacts of budgetary decisions.