Commissions & Board Appointments

Bexley's Commissions and Boards are comprised of individuals who are appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by City Council.  Seats on the city's boards and commissions that are up for renewal or will be vacant, if any, are on this page.

Generally speaking, positions come up for renewal or become vacant as of July 1st of each year, with the City of Bexley providing public notice of these vacancies on or before May 1st of each year.


About Board and Commission Appointments

Bexley's Board and Commission members are generally apointed by the Mayor and confirmed by City Council.  The majority of board and commission terms are three years, with appointments made in the spring and summer for most boards.  However, board and commission vacancies occur from time to time throughout the year.  The following boards and commissions are populated by appointed members:

Major Boards/Commissions:

  • Architectural Review Board 
  • Board of Health
  • Board of Zoning and Planning
  • Civil Service Commission
  • Records Commission
  • Recreation and Parks Board

If you are interested in becoming a member of a board or commission, please email Mayor Kessler's assistant Debbie Maynard at, and include a copy of a resume as well as a note letting us know what board or commission you are interested in serving on and why.  Thank you!


Bexley Community Improvement Corporation

Term:  through December 31, 2021 (3 seats)

About This Seat: The Bexley Community Improvement Corporation (CIC) is an economic development corporation that serves as a the development agent for the City of Bexley, in keeping with the City's adopted plans and strategies and the economic development agreement between the CIC and the City of Bexley.  

Qualified residents should have a pertinent background in development, real estate, law, planning, architecture, or other meaningful experience.

There may be current CIC members interested in continuing membership in these seats. Residents interested in being appointed can send a letter of interest and a resume to Mayor Kessler's assistant, Debbie Maynard, via email at

Deadline for Application:  Applicants are asked to express interest and provide their resume by November 1, 2018. 


Bexley Recreation Board

Term:  Through June 30, 2019 (1 seat)

About This Seat:  The Bexley Recreation Board consists of 6 members appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by Council, and one member appointed from the Bexley Board of Education. The duties of the Board are to oversee the management and operations of the City's recreation programs and parks facilities, including seasonal programming, special events, Jeffrey Mansion preschool, Jeffrey summer camp, and the Bexley pool.  For more information on the Recreation Department, visit the Recreation and Parks page.

Existing members may express interest in continuing on the Board, but all applications will be considered. Letters of interest and resumes from interested residents can be sent to Mayor Kessler's assistant, Debbie Mayanard, via email at

Deadline for Application:  Applicants are asked to express interest and provide their resume by November 1, 2018.


Historic Preservation Working Group

The City of Bexley is putting together a historic preservation working group to study best practices for historic preservation, and submit recommendations to Bexley City Council.  

Bexley’s current historic preservation controls are limited to residential property, and are focused only on instances of proposed demolition.  Historic preservation codes can vary greatly in impact and form, but can encapsulate commercial as well as residential property, and can also address architectural preservation in instances of changes to property.  The City is seeking interested candidates to join a working group to study best practices in historic preservation law, and to make recommendations to Bexley City Council.  

Interested residents should have a professional background, or demonstrable personal expertise and interest, in topics of historic preservastion.  Please submit resumes and emails of interest to Debbie Maynard with Mayor Kessler's office at by September 14, 2018.