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About Board and Commission Appointments

Bexley's Board and Commission members are generally apointed by the Mayor and confirmed by City Council.  The majority of board and commission terms are three years, with appointments made in the spring and summer for most boards.  However, board and commission vacancies occur from time to time throughout the year.  The following boards and commissions are populated by appointed members:

Major Boards/Commissions:

  • Architectural Review Board 
  • Board of Health
  • Board of Zoning and Planning
  • Civil Service Commission
  • Records Commission
  • Recreation and Parks Board

If you are interested in becoming a member of a board or commission, please email Mayor Kessler's assistant Debbie Maynard at dmaynard@bexley.org, and include a copy of a resume as well as a note letting us know what board or commission you are interested in serving on and why.  Thank you!