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Bexley Environmental Sustainability Council (ESAC)

through June 30, 2021 (2 seats)

About This Seat: The Environmental Sustainability Council (ESAC) is charged with meeting the mission and goals established in the adopted Bexley Zero Waste Plan, and recommending to the City the implementation of programs and strategies as prioritized.  The ESAC may also provide advice to the City on other green policies, environmental, sustainability and energy issues.

Qualified residents should have a passion for environmental advocacy, or other meaningful experience.

Please note that existing members may seek re-appointment.

Residents interested in being appointed can send a letter of interest and a resume to Mayor Kessler's assistant, Debbie Maynard, via email at dmaynard@bexley.org.

Deadline for Application:  Applicants are asked to express interest and provide their resume by April 16, 2018.