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July 26, 2017 Steering Committee Meeting
August 21, 2017 Steering Committee Meeting
September 18, 2017 Steering Committee Meeting

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Presentation from June 19, 2017 Steering Committee Meeting

Public Workshop - Commonwealth Park Master Plan - Monday, Sept. 25th

The Commonwealth Park Master Plan Steering Committee has been working with the design team from Brian Kent Jones Architects to create a framework for the development of a master plan for Commonwealth Park.  The committee will hold a public workshop on Monday, September 25th at 6:30p at Bexley City Hall in which resident will be encouraged to provide input on park design. 

Please spread the word to neighbors, friends, and family about this public workshop as this plan should reflect the needs and wants of the community.  Your input will be vitally important as the design team works to develop a first draft for the Commonwealth Park Master Plan. 


The City of Bexley, through the Recreation and Parks Department (BRPD), is excited to announce plans to develop a Commonwealth Park Master Plan.  Over the past year, city officials and administration have identified the need to develop a plan for Commonwealth Park that will provide short term and long term guidance and vision for park maintenance, management, and improvements.  Thanks to a grant from the Bexley Beautification Fund as well as City finances, funding is in place to move forward with the project. 


The City of Bexley would like to work through a public process to define a vision for a Commonwealth Park that maintains current patterns of use, but defines more deliberate landscape and park amenities to enhance the passive use of the park, and to better conform the athletic use of the park to the context of the surrounding built environment. 

Steering Committee

It is the intent of the Bexley Recreation and Parks Department that a steering committee is formed to ensure that feedback from residents and users of the park has been well considered prior to any future refinements or changes to the park.  The steering committee, as defined by the Recreation Board, will consist of the following:

1 – Recreation Board Member

1 – Tree and Public Garden Commission Member

1 – Bexley City Schools Appointee

3 – Commonwealth Area Residents

2 – Resident Park Users

1 – Resident

2 – Ex Officio Members (Mayor Kessler & Michael Price) 

Design Firm

Through a Request for Proposal (See the RFP Below) process, the firm Brian Kent Jones was selected by the administration out of four firms that submitted proposals, to oversee the public process and through that process develop and deliver a master plan for Commonwealth Park. 

Brian Kent Jones was selected, in part, based on their experience working on projects in Bexley both for private residents and public projects.  They have a team of professionals with the experience and capacity to meet the goals of the project as well as the ability to understand and facilitate the public process.

Request for Proposal – Commonwealth Park Master Plan