Bexley Clerk of Courts


The Bexley Mayor's Court serves as the judicial branch of the City of Bexley. The Mayor's staff (Clerk of Court) also functions as the Violations Bureau, collecting payments for violations that do not require a court appearance. The Clerk's office keeps abreast of changes in pertinent laws and regulations, and strives to enhance day-to-day operations with all persons associated with the court.

The Administrator of the Bexley Mayor's Court is Mayor Ben Kessler. Jason Dolin serves as the Magistrate. The Mayor appoints the Clerk of Court, Ruby Arnold.

Mayor's Court convenes at 9 am on alternating Thursdays. At Mayor's Court, the Magistrate presides over sentencing of arraignments, pre-trials, probation revocation hearings, and financial hearings. 

To see upcoming Mayor's Court dates, click here to visit the City's calendar.