Bexley Food Waste Recycling Pilot Program

We are expanding our food waste recycling pilot program City-wide! If you are interested in participating, please fill out the form below. If you are currently part of our pilot program, we ask that you still sign up by filling out the form below. To learn more, please see below.

Following the deployment on February 25th, 2019 the City of Bexley will be following the schedule below in order for Innovative Organics to deploy containers to those residents who signed up the month prior. 


  • Sign up by March 25th, receive food waste container by April 1st
  • Sign up by April 29th, receive food waste container by May 6th
  • Sign up by May 27th, receive food waste container by June 3rd
  • Sign up by June 24th, receive food waste container by July 1st
  • Sign up by July 29th, receive food waste container by August 5th
  • Sign up by August 26th, receive food waste container by September 2nd
  • Sign up by September 30th, receive food waste container by October 7th
  • Sign up by October 28th, receive food waste container by November 4th
  • Sign up by November 25th, receive food waste container by December 2nd




List of Compostable Food Waste
Tips & Tools for Collecting Food Waste at Home
Reducing Food Waste at Home Pamphlet
How Bexley's Program Works


How it Works:

The new curbside composting program will launch City-wide starting Monday, February 25. Each resident who signs up will receive a clean 5-gallon container, with an odor and critter proof lid, a 13 week supply of plant based compostable liners, along with a set of easy-to-understand instructions.

Pick up day is every Monday. Each Monday morning, before setting out your bucket, remove the lid and tie a knot in the top of the liner. Re-secure the lid and place the bucket (with tied liner) outside on the opposite side of your sidewalk, away from all other materials (solid/yard waste, recycling, and bulk materials). All buckets must be outside by 8:00 am.

Why Should You Participate?

Food waste recycling is an easy way to do your part to improve our soil, water, and air. Food waste that goes to our local landfill creates methane - which is 25% more harmful to our atmosphere than carbon dioxide. With the 400 some houses we had participate our initial pilot program (2018), over 40 tons of food was kept out of the landfill. That equates to 20 tons of methane gasses kept out of our atmosphere, 2,050 gallons of gasoline saved, 2.3 years worth of electricity saved (for the average household). A little effort goes a long way!


What sort of receptacle will be provided?

A re-sealable, 5-gallon container will be provided for food waste, along with a 13 week supply of plant based compostable liners. 

What food waste types are accepted?

Each container will contain a handy list of items that can and cannot be composted. To review, see the list above (under resources) for food types that are acceptable.

What about offensive odors?

The lids that come with our 5 gallon receptacles are very tight and were chosen to minimize this concern. We recommend placing a paper towel or a crumpled brown paper bag inside the liner. This will absorb the moisture as the food waste starts to break down. A quick scrub with soap and warm water keeps the container smelling fresh.

How much will it cost me?

The program is part of the City's annual refuse contract, at a cost of $1.87 per household per month.

If I participated in the first phase of the pilot program, do I have to register again?


What happens to the food waste once it's collected?

Our partner transports the waste to their EPA licensed facility where it is turned into nutrient rich compost, which is a three month long process. Additionally, upon request, program participants will be provided with a 5-gallon container of compost each spring.

If my receptacle isn't picked up, who should I call?

Please contact the Service Department, (614) 559-4220.


Bexley has historically been a leader in green initiatives, from our being the first community in central Ohio to recycle some 15 odd years ago, to the purchase this year of renewable energy to power the City’s facilities, streetlights, and traffic lights. Bexley City Council has taken a pivotal next step by approving the Bexley Zero Waste Plan, which is a long-term strategic plan designed to dramatically reduce the amount of solid waste that goes to the landfill, diverting it instead to next-generation recyclable and reusable streams (  

One of the recommendations of the Bexley Zero Waste Plan is for the City to begin working towards diverting food waste away from landfills.  

Food waste recycling is not a new concept. Think of it as composting, but for the entire community. We’ve been working on the concept of food waste recycling in the years since, and only recently have we had an eligible provider and a regulatory environment in central Ohio that would allow us to contemplate such a project.