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In March of 2013, the City of Bexley was accredited as an arboretum by the Morton Register of Arboreta, making it the first City in the United States to successfully obtain arboretum accreditation. For nearly 25 years the City of Bexley has been a participant in the Tree City USA program, carefully compiling a catalogue of the over 14,000 trees that are managed by the Bexley City forester within the City's right-of-ways and public parks. The City takes pride in maintaining and pruning our trees. Below are some questions that residents normally have. 

Forestry Contact Information:
Grant Archer
, Urban Forester
(614) 559-4225, garcher@bexley.org


"Is my tree a City tree?"

A majority of all trees between the curb and the sidewalk are City trees. If trees are in a stright line behind the sidewalk that is another indicator that might show they are City trees. If you have a question about City trees on your property, please call Grant Archer at (614) 559-4225. 

"My tree needs pruned. How can I get that service?"

If you email the City's Arborist with your name, street address, and location of the tree on the property, Grant will respond within 72 hours of your email. From there, he will send an arborist to the property to look at the tree.

"My tree is dead. What should I do?"

Similar to needing your tree pruned, email Grant Archer with your name, street address, and location of the tree on the property and an arborist will be sent to determine the next steps.

"My tree was removed and I would like a replacement. How do I get one?"

Trees removed by the City will be replaced as long as the underground utilities allow it. There have been updated revisions to the City code regarding trees at intersections. If a tree was removed from your property, it will be replaced a pre-determined species of tree. Replacements are typically made during the fall of the following year. 

"A new tree was just planted on my property. Is there anything I need to do now?"

While it isn't required, we do ask that you water the new tree on a regular basis.

"How do I get my brush picked up?"

 Place your brush on the curb (bundled 3ft. long and less than 50 pounds) for Rumpke to pick up during their routine Monday trash pickup. 

The Bexley Tree Planting Program

Trees offer shade and beautification that helps regulate the temperature in your house and provide a beautiful amenity to your yard.  Funded by private grant dollars, the Bexley Tree Planting Program offers a discount of $100 off of the retail price of approved trees at participating Oakland Nursery locations. This program is open to everyone in the City on a first-come-first-served basis. 

The program is designed to encourage the planting of trees on private property to help ensure the long term stability and health of Bexley’s tree canopy.

To apply for the Bexley Tree Planting Program, use the following resources:
Tree Planting Program Application
Tree Planting Program Flyer