Jeffrey Mansion Master Plan Refresh


Thanks in no small part to a generous commitment form the Bexley Community Foundation of $1,000,000 the City of Bexley is in the beginning stages of planning a renovation project at Jeffrey Mansion to help accommodate the continued growth of recreation programming and community space needs at the Mansion.  The first step in the project planning process is to refresh the 2008 Jeffrey Mansion Master Plan in order to make sure we are aligning our plans to best serve the contemporary needs of the community.

Nearly ten years have passed since the Jeffrey Mansion & Park Master Plan was last updated.  The master plan served the community well and resulted in many projects that have positively impacted the residents of Bexley and beyond. But as time passes and needs evolve, an update is necessary for realigning the estate’s development plans to serve the contemporary needs of our community. The update will focus on creating conceptual designs for meeting the needs of current and projected uses at the Jeffrey Estate.

The City of Bexley, through the Recreation and Parks Department (BRPD), is excited to announce plans to create a steering committee to review the 2008 Jeffrey Mansion and Park Master Plan and, along with consultation from the architectural firm Schooley Caldwell and Associates, refresh the plan to account for changes that have occurred over the past ten years and to meet the current needs and vision for our community. 


In 2007 the City of Bexley developed the Jeffrey Mansion Commission (JMC) which was tasked to “develop a plan for the restoration and possible expansion of the Jeffrey Mansion as a multi-purpose community center.” 

The JMC’s vision was to preserve the Jeffrey Mansion and it’s grounds as a vibrant, accessible and self-sustaining cultural and recreational centerpiece with multiple uses appealing to the diverse population of the Bexley Community. 

The JMC’s mission was to develop a plan which included:

  • Proposed uses for the Jeffrey property
  • Physical changes needed for the plan
  • Estimated cost and funding alternatives to complete the plan
  • Proposed organizational structure to:
    • Proceed with the planned project
    • Operate and manage the finished ‘center’ as a sustainable cultural and recreational asset for the community

In March of 2008, the JMC, comprised of 10 resident members, 4 ex officio members, and 3 consultants, presented the Jeffrey Mansion and Park Master Plan (See link below to view Jeffrey Mansion and Park Master Plan). 

2008 Jeffrey Mansion and Park Master Plan


The City of Bexley would like to work through a public process to review and refresh the Jeffrey Mansion portion of the 2008 Jeffrey Mansion and Park Master Plan to realign the estate’s development plans to serve the contemporary needs of our community.

Steering Committee

It is the intent of the Bexley Recreation and Parks Department that a steering committee is formed to ensure that feedback from residents, facility users, and community stakeholders is incorporated into the refresh of the Jeffrey Mansion and Park Master Plan.  The steering committee, as defined by the Recreation Board, will consist of the following: 

1 – Recreation Board Member
1 – City Councilperson
1 – Bexley Community Foundation Representative
2 – Jeffrey Mansion Area Residents
2 – Jeffrey Mansion Program User/Park Visitor
2 – Ex Officio Members (Mayor Kessler & Michael Price)

We are currently accepting applications of residents interested in serving on the Jeffrey Mansion and Park Master Plan Refresh Steering Committee.  The deadline for submitting your application is Wednesday, February 14th.  Application (See below) should be submitted to Michael Price at 165 N. Parkview or

Steering Committee Application


Jeffrey Mansion and Park Master Plan Refresh - Consultant

Architectural firm, Schooley Caldwell and Associates (SCA), has been selected to help facilitate the master plan refresh process.  SCA is a well-respected architectural firm with a wealth of knowledge and experience working with historic facilities.  SCA is extremely familiar with the 2008 Jeffrey Mansion and Park Master Plan as they were a consultant on the JMC.  Additionally, SCA has a great deal of experience with the Jeffrey Mansion as they were the design team on the 2010 Jeffrey Mansion renovation.    


Meeting Schedule

*TBA – Initial Steering Committee Meeting


*We will post the schedule for steering committee meetings and public workshops as soon as it is completed.