Kayak/Canoe Bexley - Open

It's a great time to paddle The Creek!  Take a trip down Alum Creek on the Bexley Recreation's fleet of kayaks and canoes.  

The Bexley Recreation Kayak/Canoe rental program is now open for the 2014 season.  Kayak/Canoe rentals will take place through the Recreation Department at the Jeffrey Mansion from April 1st - May 23rd.  Rental hours will be M-F 8a-4:30p.  Starting Saturday, May 24th, rentals will take place at the Bexley Pool during pool hours.  Rentals will continue at the Bexley Pool through Labor Day at which point the rental process will move back up to the Jeffrey Mansion.   Additional rental details are listed below.  Please contact the Bexley Recreation and Parks Department with any questions.





Kayak/Canoe Rental Program

The Bexley Recreation and Parks Department (BRPD) is offering a Kayak/Canoe Rental Program for residents and family members.  Thanks to a grant from the Bexley Community Foundation, the BRPD was able to purchase 7 kayaks, 1 canoe, Personal Flotation Devices (PFD's), paddles, and oars.  Additionally, with the help of Eagle Scout Nick Ellison, the BRPD built boat racks at both Jeffrey Park (North end of Bexley) and Schnedier Park (South end of Bexley).  

In an effort to bring convenient access to Alum Creek for Bexley Residents, the BRPD will make this equipment available through the Kayak/Canoe Rental Program.   With access points and boat racks at both Jeffrey Park and Schnedier Parks, renters will have the opportunity to travel along Alum Creek on a 1.5-2.0 mile trip from Jeffery Park to Schneider Park.  Along this relaxing trip, you will enjoy the scenery and nature that Alum Creek provides.  

Please contact the Bexley Recreation and Parks Department with any additional questions that you might have about the Kayak/Canoe Program at recreation@bexley.org or 614.559.4300.  


Kayak/Canoe Rental Process Information

All rentals must be done in person at the designated rental site (Jeffrey Mansion or Pool).  Below are bullet points that outline the rental process information.

  • Dates:  April – October
  • Rental Office Hours:  8am-10am and 2pm-4pm
  • Rental Office Location:
    • Recreation Office (Monday - Friday):  April 1 – Memorial Day and Labor Day – October 31.
      • For availability call 614.559.4300
    • Pool Office (Monday-Sunday): Memorial Day – Labor Day
      • For availability call 614.559.4350
  • Equipment Available:
    • 7 Kayaks
    • 2 Canoes
    • Personal Flotation Device (PFD’s):
      • Child (30-50 lbs)
      • Youth (50-90 lbs)
      • Adult (90 + lbs)
    • Kayak Paddles
    • Canoe Oars
  • Cost (Includes paddles, oars, and PFD’s):
    • $5 per kayak
    • $10 per canoe
  • Rental Length:
    • All rental equipment must be returned by no later then the following business day (based on office hours).


Below is a list of the rules for use of the Kayak/Canoe Program equipment.  Failure to adhere to the rules may result in your ability to utilize the kayak/canoe program in the future.  Many of the rules are in place for the safety of the boaters as well as the equipment.
  • Renter must be a Bexley Resident.
  • Renter must be at least 18 years of age.
    • Any boaters under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Must wear Personal Flotation Device (PFD) at all times by all persons!
  • Be respectful of equipment.
  • Kayak/Canoe must be locked to designated rack (Jeffrey or Schneider) and all equipment, including paddles, oars, PFD’s, and keys must be returned to the appropriate rental office (Jeffrey Mansion or Pool).
  • Do not drag kayak/canoe over sharp rocks.
  • Carry kayak/canoe at all times! Avoid dropping your kayak/canoe.
  • Upon returning your boat, remove any visible plant or plant fragments from the kayak/canoe, as well as mud or other debris. Plant material, mud, and other debris routinely contain other organisms that may be an invasive species.




This is a list of safety recommendations when boating on Alum Creek.  Please follow these recommendations at all times.  
  • Must wear Personal Flotation Device (PFD) at all times by all persons!
  • Child PFD’s must be worn by person’s whose weight is 30-50lbs.
  • Youth PFD’s must be worn by person’s whose weight is 50-90 lbs.
  • Adult PFD’s must be worn by person’s whose weight is above 90 lbs.
  • Be aware of surroundings.
  • Water levels at Alum Creek vary sharply from day to day, there will be times in which you need to carry your boat over low water areas (do not drag!). Please be very careful with the equipment when doing so.

Boating Tips

Below are a list of boating tips to help you have a successful kayak/canoe trip.  
  • Leave all valuables in your vehicle locked.
  • Bring an extra pair of dry clothing.
  • Wear tennis shoes at all times, shoes will get wet. Water shoes work well too.
  • Bring sunscreen.
  • Use protective straps for sunglasses.
  • Taking a phone, you are responsible. Recommendation, take a waterproof bag.
  • Be aware of surroundings.
  • Have Fun!!