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Alum Creek Water Quality

With low levels of rain or no rain, water levels could be very low causing the kayak/canoe to bottom out on the river ground.  Know when there is runoff or excessive rain, this will cause the water level to rise.  Alum Creek Dam opens and closes based on recent rainfall events, affecting water levels in Alum Creek. Below are websites that will show you the current levels and changes of Alum Creek.  Also, feel free to give us a call on the water levels before you head out at (614) 559-4300. 



Please use caution when coming into contact with water from Alum Creek. The creek receives discharges of storm water; combined‐sewer overflows, and incompletely disinfected wastewater from urban areas upstream of the park. These discharges can result in a threat to the health of visitors who come into contact with creek water during direct use (e.g., wading or swimming). Recreational use of the river is not prohibited, but due to the threat posed to human health by potential contamination, the park discourages any swimming or wading in the river. Small boat users are encouraged to avoid contact with open wounds, and to wash face and hands after coming into contact with creek water.