Office of the Mayor

 Ben Kessler, Mayor of the City of Bexley

The Mayor serves as the chief executive officer, safety director, and director of development for the City of Bexley.  As well as overseeing day-to-day operations at the city and supervising city personnel, the Mayor is also tasked by the City's charter with creating and implementing the City's strategic plan.


Thanks for Attending the 2014 State of the Community Address! 

Thanks to all who attended the 2014 State of the Community Address, held the evening of Thursday, April 10 at the Columbus School for Girls' beautiful new theatre. Representatives from the City of Bexley, Trinity Lutheran Seminary, Capital University, Columbus School for Girls, St. Charles Preparatory School, Bexley City School District, the Bexley Public Library, the Bexley Community Foundation, and the Bexley Area Chamber of Commerce all gave updates on their respective institutions. 

To view the slides from the City of Bexley's presentation, by Mayor Ben Kessler, please click here.


Bexley's 2013 in Review

There wasn’t a dull moment to be found in 2013, which was characterized by a flurry of new activity in Bexley. Here’s a brief overview of some of the highlights from 2013...

A Year of Firsts

The Main Event quickly blossomed into a monthly movie and entertainment/activity event that drew around 800 participants by the time the season hit its stride. We found ourselves playing youth “highland games” on Capital’s Main Lawn, and rocking out to Bexley’s greatest talent at September’s “Bexley’s Got Talent” talent show, and then following up an evening of activities with movies under the stars. Many many thanks to our sponsors and a generous grant from the Bexley Community Foundation for making the Main Event possible!

The Splish, Splash and Dash Youth Triathlon was a great success, with over 150 participants age 6 and up entering in a friendly swim/bike/run competition. With help from over 60 volunteers this event was a blast, and we’re already working hard on planning next year. Bexley Chautauqua - In July, Capital’s main lawn was transformed with the signature red and white striped high top of the Ohio Chautauqua. Visitors and residents were regaled with “first-person” accounts of life when Ohio was a western frontier.

The Bexley Arboretum - In March the City was certified as an arboretum by the Morton Register of Arboreta, becoming the first City to have achieved this designation. This designation is made possible because of the City’s emphasis on tracking/maintaining over 130 species of trees within City right-of-way and because of strong community support from groups such as Trees for Bexley and the Bexley Tree Commission. The City plans to continue to maintain our arboretum designation and to work with community groups to formulate educational materials and curricula centered around Bexley’s remarkable urban forest.

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"Coffee With The Mayor" - November 22nd

Join Mayor Kessler for "coffee with the Mayor" on November 22nd at 8:00am. This month's coffee will be held at Bexley City Hall at 2242 East Main Street and will feature coffee and treats from Cherbourg Bakery on Drexel Avenue. Special guests will include council members elect Lori Ann Feibel and Deneese Owen, and the topic of conversation will be open to whatever you wish to discuss! Come with questions, ideas, and an appetite for some good coffee. Hope to see you then! 


Unofficial Election Results from November 5th Election

The following are the unofficial election results as reported today by the Franklin County Board of Elections.  For full elections results, visist the Board of Elections by clicking here.
For Mayor - City of Bexley
10 of 10 Precincts Reporting
Name                       Party    Absentee  Nov5 Votes       Total
Ben Kessler                NON         286       2,497       2,783

For Auditor - City of Bexley
10 of 10 Precincts Reporting
Name                       Party    Absentee  Nov5 Votes       Total
Bill Harvey                  NON         186       1,302       1,488
Gary W. Qualmann      NON         102         979       1,081

For Member of Council - City of Bexley
10 of 10 Precincts Reporting
Name                       Party    Absentee  Nov5 Votes       Total
Lori Ann Feibel           NON         238       1,900       2,138
Deneese Owen           NON         166       1,778       1,944
Richard Sharp            NON         151       1,423       1,574
Robert Kaynes, Jr.      NON         166       1,155       1,321

For Member of Council - City of Bexley
10 of 10 Precincts Reporting
Name                       Party    Absentee  Nov5 Votes       Total
Anne R. Lewis            NON         240       2,084       2,324
#49 Bexley Public Library Tax Levy
10 of 10 Precincts Reporting
Issue                                Absentee  Nov5 Votes       Total
FOR THE TAX LEVY                      236       2,049       2,285
AGAINST THE TAX LEVY                  78         736         814

What's Next: Updating Bexley's Strategic Plan

On October 8th, 2013, a public meeting will be held to solicit resident input on the modernization of Bexley's Strategic Plan.  The requirement by Bexley City Charter for the Mayor to submit a strategic plan to City Council was added to the Charter in the late 1990s, and also to Chapter 264 of the Bexley Codified Ordinances in April of 2000.  I've been working on an update to the City's strategic plan over the past year, and first presented a draft to Bexley City Council in the early Spring of 2013.  

Why a plan?  A strategic plan serves as a great organizing document for defining priorities going forward.  Not only does it help unify the prioritization of initiatives, but it also serves as an effective communication tool to help residents understand the foundation behind the direction pursued by City leadership.  A good plan is one that had plentiful input from stakeholders (City residents and City leadership) and one that is adopted and embraced across a wide spectrum of input.  

The draft Bexley Strategic Plan (rev. 2013) incorporates a series of recommendations and priorities organized by the following categories: Development, Finance, Safety, Services, Infrastructure, Recreation, Communication, Technology, and Community.  Rather than being its own stand-alone effort, this plan catalogues and builds off and essentially unifies a series of strategic planning efforts leading up to it, including previous Mayor-submitted City strategies, the Southwest Bexley Master Plan, and the Bexley Land Use Strategy, among others.  

To read a copy of the plan, you can download it here (8.3 MB).

What do you like about the plan?  What's missing?  What would you change? 

If you're able to make the public meeting/workshop, it will be at 6:00pm at Bexley City Council Chambers on October 8, 2013.  If you're not able to make the meeting, please provide feedback via the survey below.