Office of the Mayor

 Ben Kessler, Mayor of the City of Bexley

The Mayor serves as the chief executive officer, safety director, and director of development for the City of Bexley.  As well as overseeing day-to-day operations at the city and supervising city personnel, the Mayor is also tasked by the City's charter with creating and implementing the City's strategic plan.


First Quarter 2017 Newsletter Now Available


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North Cassady Sunoco Status

Last Updated: December 30, 2016

One of the most frequent questions I get is "what is happening with the Sunoco on N Cassady?"  This is a complicated issue, given the multiple owners of the property over the past decade, as well as the lack of a viable responsible party for the contamination that is on the site.  The City is committed to helping to facilitate the cleanup of this site so that it is a viable property that is able to be developed.

Property History:

In 1993 and 1998 there were document fuel leaks from the underground storage tanks at the former Sunoco station at Cassady and Ruhl.  The Sunoco closed in 2006, but the contamination that had occured prior to that date had not been cleaned up.  In 2009, the underground storage tanks were removed, but the site was still not cleaned.  During this time the State of Ohio was pursuing the property owner at the time of the contamination in order to force cleanup of the site.  The State's actions were unsuccessful, and the party responsible for the contamination was found to be incapable of paying for cleanup.

The City applied for funding in 2009 from the Governor's Stimulus Fund to facilitate cleanup, but was unsuccessful.

In 2012, the City began looking for options to assist the property owner with cleaning the site.  The City applied for an assessment grant from the Ohio EPA, which it received in 2013.  Assesment began in 2013 and continued in 2014 through multiple tiers of assesment with the EPA.  The assesment confirmed widespread contamination of the site, including contamination that continued to the south of the site under Ruhl and impacted a residential property to the south.  The property owner at the time was unable to afford any cleanup of the site, and the site sold to a new owner in 2015.  The new owner has experience with impacted properties and is working closely with the City to complete the processes necessary to be able to develop the site with a new use.

In 2015, the City began talking to the State of Ohio, which had announced a new Abandoned Gas Station Cleanup Grant.  The new grant was intended for properties just like the one at Ruhl and Cassady.  This grant program is vastly superior to earlier programs, in that it provides full funding for cleanup.  The application for this grant became available in early 2016, and the City applied for the grant in the Spring of 2016.  In the summer of 2016, the City was awarded the grant.  The project went to bid in the fall of 2016, and the project was awarded in late 2016.  Completion of the cleanup is anticipated to occur in the first half of 2017.

Future of the Property:

Upon cleanup, the site will be ready for development.  The site is no longer zoned for a fuel station or convenience store. This property is zoned Mixed Use Commercial, and the current owner is examining a variety of business concepts that have been proposed for the site.  


Ask The Mayor: Bellwood Resurfacing?

In "Ask The Mayor" posts, I'll be posting redacted questions or comments from residents and my answers to them, in case the information is helpful to other residents wondering the same thing!

"Dear Mayor,

I am a resident of Bexley and I have been living in Bexley on Bellwood Avenue for 28 years. It has been at least 10 years since the City has redone the asphalt on Bellwood Avenue. When I called the City they told me that Bellwood Avenue is not a busy street and that is the reason they have not done it. I would disagree with this statement because Bellwood is off of a primary street, Cassady Avenue, and there are apartments to the east of Bellwood and Standwood Ave that attract a large amount of traffic. It is disappointing to see that the "richer" parts of Bexley tend to get more attention when it comes to the quality of the streets, but not on our side of Bexley. I do not know if the condition of the streets in areas such as Parkview Avenue are in better condition because the city spends more money there or maybe because those streets truly do not get as much traffic as Bellwood Ave.

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Presenting the 2012 Annual Report/2013 Budget

I'm happy to announce the completion of the 2012 annual report and 2013 budget book.  This year we've decided to add more information to our annual budget report, and we've included a synopsis, by department, of the various initiatives we are working on here at the City.  Hopefully this information helps to contextualize the City budget and provide more helpful information.  To download the 2012 annual report and 2013 budget, click here.