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Debbie Maynard, Assistant to the Mayor

Contact & Location:
2242 East Main Street
Bexley, Ohio 43209

phone: (614) 559-4210 

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Correction to ThisWeek article on Livingston improvements

The improvement of Livingston Avenue is an important priority for Bexley.  Some good background to the logic and status of the Livingston effort to date can be found in this article on  

A recent article in ThisWeek news (the article can be read here) covered the topic, and I just wanted to clarify that the City of Bexley is not exploring the idea of "medians" for Livingston Avenue.  Rather, at the recommendation of the Bexley Tree and Public Gardens Commission, we are exploring the concept of a landscape easement for the commercial portions of Livingston.  (In the past decade or so, landscape easements have been provided to the City for the residential portion of Livingston - this would extend that concept west to the commercial portion as well).  This would allow the planting of street trees along Livingston Avenue, an act which, if carried to both sides of the street, would be a great first start at changing the built character of the street.  Currently, street trees are not possible because the right-of-way ends at the border of the sidewalks along Livingston.