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Ask The Mayor: Bellwood Resurfacing?

In "Ask The Mayor" posts, I'll be posting redacted questions or comments from residents and my answers to them, in case the information is helpful to other residents wondering the same thing!

"Dear Mayor,

I am a resident of Bexley and I have been living in Bexley on Bellwood Avenue for 28 years. It has been at least 10 years since the City has redone the asphalt on Bellwood Avenue. When I called the City they told me that Bellwood Avenue is not a busy street and that is the reason they have not done it. I would disagree with this statement because Bellwood is off of a primary street, Cassady Avenue, and there are apartments to the east of Bellwood and Standwood Ave that attract a large amount of traffic. It is disappointing to see that the "richer" parts of Bexley tend to get more attention when it comes to the quality of the streets, but not on our side of Bexley. I do not know if the condition of the streets in areas such as Parkview Avenue are in better condition because the city spends more money there or maybe because those streets truly do not get as much traffic as Bellwood Ave.

I pay my taxes just like everyone else and I think that we deserve the same type of attention. It is frustrating to see my tax dollars go to waste on installing trees down Main Street when I see the terrible condition of my street with its dips and broken down appearance. We are tired of the city patching holes when someone complains. I would appreciate it if someone could come take a look at the condition of Bellwood Ave, especially near Standwood Avenue so that you can tell me if the condition of the street is up to Bexley standards. Would you be okay if Main Street looked like my street? What about Parkview Avenue? I do not think so. I appreciated you taking the time to read my email and I hope that someone can take the initiative to take the appropriate action."

Dear Resident,

Thank you for the email - I'm glad you reached out. Good news - we are performing water line upgrades and resurfacing of Delmar, Belwood, Allegheny and Columbus next summer. We've had your street on our radar for awhile now, and have been waiting for OPWC funds to come through to assist with the project, which will be extensive. Earlier this year the OPWC awarded us a 25% grant/75% loan program on this project. I completely agree that your street needs help, and want you to know we're working on it. Please call with any questions - 559-4210.

All the best,

P.S. Also want you to know that your tax dollars aren't paying for Main Street trees - the streetscape project is funded by a TIF that is dedicated to Main Street and is funded only by the incremental increase in value to commercial property on Main Street. This fund is seeded by dollars that would have otherwise gone to the county and other special levies but are instead being redirected to Main Street infrastructure. The water/sewer/resurfacing portion of the Main Street project is funded by an OPWC 75% grant/25% loan program - a similar program to the one that will be funding your project next summer.