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Top 18 Moments in 2018


Each year, I take a moment to look back at the top events, initiatives, and trends that shaped Bexley.  2018 was a dynamic year for our community, as you can see in the top 18 of ‘18 list below. Thank you for helping make Bexley such an amazing community, and here’s to 2019!

Best wishes for the happiest of New Years,

Mayor Ben


#18: Bexley Turned 110 Years Old

#18 in the Top 18 of '18 in Bexley Countdown - Happy Birthday to us! On August 10, Bexley turned 110, complete with a birthday party at the Main Event! Thank you to the Bexley Community Foundation for sponsoring the cake and the party! 


#17: Bexley Recognized at MORPC's 2018 Summit on Sustainability

#17 in the Top 18 of '18 in Bexley Countdown - Bexley was recognized at MORPC's 2018 Summit on Sustainability with the Leadership in Sustainability Award. We are proud of our community's emphasis on sustainability and environmental responsibility (more on that later)! 


#16: "Cross with a Cop" Events

#16 in the Top 18 of '18 in Bexley Countdown - We launched our "Cross with a Cop" events to help educate students on safe street crossing techniques and tips. Special thanks to Officer Chapman for being the lead champion of the Cross with a Cop events!


#15: One Word: "Foxes"

#15 in the Top 18 of '18 in Bexley Countdown - Foxes? We got 'em! As fox sightings proliferated in the spring, so did concerns for the health of Bexley's crowded fox population. Foxes captured the attention of the community throughout the year with, among other things: Grassroots efforts to assist foxes with mange; photo caption contests; and let's not forget the Buzz-exclusive "Plumbing and Foxes" magazine editions. Bexley's forest-within-a-City environs lends itself to a diversity of wildlife, and we love it.


#14: One *Other* Word: "Skunks"

#14 in the Top 18 of '18 in Bexley Countdown - ... aaaaand let's not forget about the skunks. Foxes weren't the only animals increasing in visibility in 2018. Skunks also drew a fair bit of attention, resulting in some incredibly smelly encounters, and even the creation of a skunk task force at the City to help brainstorm ways to assist the community in working on solutions to our most pungent fauna.


#13: The Bexley Tornado

#13 in the Top 18 of '18 in Bexley Countdown - The Bexley Tornado. While there wasn't anything fun about this list submittal, the tornado that touched down in places in Bexley in September certainly left a mark. Hitting a variety of properties in Bexley from Drexel to Gould, the tornado and associated weather wreaked havoc on trees in its path. Thankfully and almost miraculously no one was injured during the event, and crews worked quickly to clean up the damage and assist residents whose properties had been impacted. Here's to not ever having this on the list again...


#12: The Power of Solar

#12 in the Top 18 of '18 in Bexley Countdown - Solar panels on City buildings. This year, we blanketed the roofs of City Hall and the Service Garage with solar panels that cover approximately 50% to 80% of electrical needs at the facilities. The project will pay for itself in about ten years, and even helps provide power to the electric car charging stations at the City Hall parking lot!


#11: BPD Going Above & Beyond

#11 in the Top 18 of '18 in Bexley Countdown - Bexley Police Department Lifesaving Awards - Bexley officers received recognition this year for two different life-saving events. Earlier this year the Bexley Life Saving Award was given to Sergeant Kenefick, Officer Lindsay Eyears, and Parking Control Officer Millard for their outstanding, life-saving work issuing CPR to a heart attack victim in Bexley. Also, while assisting Westerville during a tragic time for their police department, Officers Vermaaten and Tumblison were dispatched on a call involving a suspected overdose. After arriving on scene, the officers quickly identified the overdose situation, successfully administering Narcan and saving the life of the victim. Officers Vermaaten and Tumblison were honored at a Westerville City Council meeting for their service while providing aid to the Westerville community. Our officers work their tails off day in and day out, and consistently go above and beyond the call of duty - I'm thankful for and proud of this police department.


#10: 11th Best Suburb (More Like #1...)

#10 in the Top 18 of '18 in Bexley Countdown - Did you know that earlier this year Bexley ranked 11th nationally in Business Insider's list of 50 Best Suburbs in America?! They might be off by about 10 places, but still that's something!


#9: Bexley Receives $65k Grant from the Blue Jackets Foundation

#9 in the Top 18 of '18 in Bexley Countdown - Bexley receives $65,000 grant from Blue Jackets Foundation for Schneider Park Playground. The playground will be located next to the community gardens and the newly completed Schneider Park athletic fields, and will provide a great amenity for kids in the area. Thank you, Columbus Blue Jackets Foundation!


#8: Schneider Park Fields are Complete

#8 in the Top 18 of '18 in Bexley Countdown - Athletic Fields at Schneider Park are completed. After years of planning, crews installed new athletic fields at Schneider Park, on a site that was a former landfill and had been more recently used for material storage. This improvement represents the first expansion of play surface space in Bexley in decades, and is an important milestone in the Schneider Park expansion project. A special thank you to the Bexley Community Foundation & the Ohio Department of Natural Resources for providing grant money towards this project. Look for activities at the fields beginning in 2019!


#7: Restaurant Explosion

#7 in the Top 18 of '18 in Bexley Countdown - Restaurant explosion! Our taste buds have been treated well in 2018, with a slew of formidable contenders entering Bexley's burgeoning restaurant scene. Main Street is hopping, and BrassicaHarvest PizzaHouse Wine, the Bexley Premier RestaurantFreshii, and Newfangled Kitchen took Bexley by storm in 2018.


#6: Bexley Issue 12 Street Levy Replacement

#6 in the Top 18 of '18 in Bexley Countdown - Streets get some needed funding. With the passage of Bexley's Issue 12 street levy replacement, voters approved funding to ensure Bexley streets are smooth in the coming years. This was critical to securing much needed street maintenance funds, and will pay dividends in the look and feel of Bexley streets infrastructure. Thank you, Bexley!


#5: Updating the Jeffrey Mansion Plan

#5 in the Top 18 of '18 in Bexley Countdown - Updating the Jeffrey Mansion plan. With the City working towards expanding a portion of Jeffrey Mansion to provide room for more programming, community, and events space, a master plan update process was launched to gather community input and discuss exterior and interior improvements to the mansion. The process spanned more than half a year, and involved lively public discussions about improvements to the mansion and ground. The updated master plan was passed by the steering committee and unanimously approved by City Council. See #4 in our countdown list for some related, exciting news! To learn more about the plan, visit


#4: BCF Commits $1.5 Million Towards Jeffrey Mansion Project

#4 in the Top 18 of '18 in Bexley Countdown - The Bexley Community Foundation Commits $1.5 million to the Jeffrey Mansion Project. In 2018, the Bexley Community Foundation announced that they would commit $1.5 million towards the Jeffrey Mansion expansion plan, providing critical support to an exciting project that will enhance a great community space. Thank you, Bexley Community Foundation! To learn more about plans for Jeffrey Mansion, visit


#3: Jazz in the Park

#3 in the Top 18 of '18 in Bexley Countdown - Bexley’s community calendar continues to grow, and in 2018 we kicked off the Jazz at Havenwood Park series. The event, which is planned and funded through the Bexley Celebrations & Events Team (BCE) and the BCE fund of the Bexley Community Foundation, brought a Sunday afternoon live jazz picnic to Havenwood Park over four Sundays in the summer. The Jazz in the Park series is relaxed and casual, and a perfect environment for residents of all ages. Look for the 2019 season to kick off on Memorial Day weekend - more details to come at


#2: North Community Gardens

#2 in the Top 18 of '18 in Bexley Countdown - The North Community Gardens. Bexley’s community garden was established in 2008, and has thrived over the past ten years. With a waiting list and eager community gardeners, the City and the Bexley Community Garden collaborative received a generous grant from the Bexley Community Foundation that fully funded the construction of a second community garden location on Delmar Drive, next to the police station. The north community garden features 48 raised beds; 4 accessible planter stations; a large tool shed; pergola gathering area; plant washing station; herb garden; pollinator garden; compost pens; and onsite water spigots for gardeners. The north gardens were installed in early 2018, with significant support from the Bexley forestry department and community garden and OSU master gardener volunteers. To reserve a plot in 2019, visit the Recreation Department registration page at


#1: Curbside Food Waste Recycling Program

#1 in the Top 18 of '18 in Bexley Countdown - Bexley's First-in-Ohio Curbside Food Waste Recycling Program. As a community, we're pretty avid recyclers, and in 2018 we led the state with the next major step in municipal recycling services. Bexley attracted regional and statewide attention this year after launching one of the first curbside food waste recycling pilot programs in the state. Food waste recycling helps reduce the amount of solid waste in the landfill, reduces carbon emissions from waste by converting the food scraps to compost, and provides a nutrient-rich by-product for local farmers and community gardens. In 2019, the food waste recycling pilot program will go Bexley-wide, a first for Ohio. To learn more and to opt-in to the service next year, visit