Mayor's Office Info

Ben Kessler, Mayor


Debbie Maynard, Assistant to the Mayor

Contact & Location:
2242 East Main Street
Bexley, Ohio 43209

phone: (614) 559-4210 

Office of the Mayor

 Ben Kessler, Mayor of the City of Bexley

The Mayor serves as the chief executive officer, safety director, and director of development for the City of Bexley.  As well as overseeing day-to-day operations at the city and supervising city personnel, the Mayor is also tasked by the City's charter with creating and implementing the City's strategic plan.


Interpreting the 2012 Bexley Community Survey

The City of Bexley, in partnership with Capital University, recently sent out a resident survey to 744 randomly selected households in Bexley.  The survey asked a variety of questions about residents’ perceptions regarding the quality and value of services residents received from the City, and also asked some questions on more current topics of interest, such as whether residents would be interested in the city providing video of council meetings, or whether or not the city should allow the serving of alcohol at Jeffrey Mansion during special events.  

Of the 744 surveys that were delivered, 235 were completed and returned, providing an unusually high and statistically significant response rate of 32%.  One of the interesting aspects of this survey is the fact that it asked many of the same questions that were asked by Professor Bruning and his students in an earlier community survey that was collected in 2005.  This continuity has given us a good opportunity to analyze changes, if any, in resident opinion and perspective over the past seven years.  

So what can we learn from the community survey?  First, let’s talk about the positives.  The survey showed that resident satisfaction with their “association with Bexley” has increased over the seven year period and is now at 95% - a number which, by any account, is very positive.  And the percentage of residents that say the city has “met” or “exceeded” their expectations has increased on both counts, while the percentage saying it has “fallen short” has decreased.  Likewise, the city continued to score high points on the effectiveness of city services, particularly in the case of the police and recreation departments.  

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