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Livingston Area Revitalization Update

Over the past several months Mayor Kessler has been meeting with leaders from local institutions that have a vested interest in Livingston Avenue. These include meetings specific to Livingston Avenue rejuvenation with Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman; the Columbus planning department; the leadership of the Columbus Jewish Community Center, the Columbus Jewish Foundation and the Columbus Jewish Federation; the Berwick Civic Association; Wexner Heritage Village; Capital University; the Bexley Community Foundation; and the Columbus Foundation. All groups have affirmed the importance of a Livingston Avenue corridor that reflects the quality communities and built environments of the Berwick and Bexley areas.

On August 2, 2012, the Livingston Area Consortium met for the first time to discuss common goals and perceived challenges associated with the revitalization of the Livingston Avenue corridor bordering Berwick and Bexley.

Bexley and Columbus reported to the group on a number of initiatives that are already under way, including Columbus' creation of a Community Commercial planning overlay on Livingston Avenue, and Bexley's work on the proposed Alum Creek Park; changes to Bexley development policy which have already resulted in new development being attracted to the corridor; legal action being sought against absentee landlords; and the current status of the proposed Livingston Area TIF District.

A subgroup of the consortium has been tasked with gathering follow up information for the group, summarizing the conversation from the first meeting, and preparing a series of actionable items for moving redevelopment of the corridor forward.


Bexley's Presentation to the Livingston Area Consortium - August 2, 2012 

Livingston Area Consortium Partners:
City of Bexley
City of Columbus
Berwick Civic Association
Jewish Federation
Jewish Foundation
Jewish Community Center
Wexner Heritage Village
Capital University
The Columbus Foundation
Bexley Community Foundation