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Alum Creek Park Plan - Public Meeting Recap

The Alum Creek Corridor Committee (ACCC) along with design firm MKSK presented the draft Alum Creek Park Plan at a public meeting on Thursday, Jan. 16th.  Thank you to all of the residents that have provided invaluable input to the planning of the Alum Creek Park through the public survey, the first public meeting on Nov. 21st, the idea board posted at the farmers market, and the 2nd public meeting held on Jan. 16th.  

Moving forward, the ACCC along with MKSK will take the comments  from last night's public meeting and evaluate any changes that should be made to the draft plan before finalizing the Alum Creek Park Plan. If you were unable to attend last night's meeting, we have posted the presentation and the draft park plan below for your review.  We would encourage you to send Michael Price, Recreation and Parks Director an email with any additional comments or questions that you have about the park plan.

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Winter/Spring Brochure & Activity Registration

The Bexley Recreation & Parks Winter/Spring Activity Brochure is now available for viewing online! All activities/events from January - March will be listed in this brochure. Bexley residents will receive a hard copy of the brochure on January 2nd in the This Week Bexley News. We will also provide extra hard copies at Jeffrey Mansion, City Hall, and the Library.

Activity Registration Opens: Monday, January 6th at 12:00 noon (online or in-person).

For more information or if you have a questions, please call us at 614.559.4300.


Alum Creek Park Planning (Updated)

In 2011, the Alum Creek Corridor Committe (ACCC) was created with a mission to create an accessible, interactive, and protected Alum Creek corridor along the length of Bexley's creekside in collaboration with community stakeholders and other jurisdictions.  One of the initial goals that came out of the ACCC was the creation of a park along Alum Creek from Main Street to Livingston.

One of the initial steps to developing a park along the creek was to create a park plan.  Thanks to a grant from the Bexley Community Foundation as well as a grant from the Jeffrey Foundation, funds have been secured for the creation of the park plan.  

This is where you, the Bexley Resident, comes in.  We are seeking input from the residents to drive the development of this park plan.  What do you want in a park along Alum Creek?  What type of amenities, what access, what programming, etc.  In an effort to gather as much feedback from the community as possible, we have developed a survey.  Please check out the survey through the link below.  Also, please pass this along to your neighbors and friends, as community input is key to the success of this project.

Alum Creek Park Plan Survey

Additionally, we have constructed an idea board that is located at the Farmers Market on the corner of Main Street and Parkview.  We encourage you to write your thoughts and ideas about what you would like to see in a park along Alum Creek onto the board.  

Once we have collected feedback through the survey and idea board, we will then schedule a community meeting in which we will encourage residents to provide feedback on draft park plans.   

Please feel free to contact the Bexley Recreation and Parks Department with any questions.  Please spread the word as, again, we need community input to develop a park that meets the needs of our community.  

To view results from the survey click here (results as of October 4, 2013). 



2013 Budget Book and 2012 Annual Report

For residents looking for a report of the City's activities and initiatives in 2012, as well as an outlook and budget for 2013, the City's 2012 annual report and 2013 budget book is available online by clicking here.


Bexley Community Foundation 2013 Small Grants Awarded!

We are delighted to announce that this week the Bexley Community Foundation Board of Directors announced their financial support of two grant applications from the City of Bexley. The awards are presented to the Bexley Police Department for $5,000 and to the Bexley Recreation and Parks Department in collaboration with Bexley Celebrations Association for $4,450.  Special thanks to Bexley Sergeant Dawn Overly for her work on the Police Department Community Education Grant and Bexley Recreation Director Mike Price for his work on the Community Events Yard Banner Grant. 

The full text of the Bexley Community Foundation Press Release is below:

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