Reminder: Please Pick Up After Your Dog

Reminders and Pro Tips for Bexley's Canine Friends

The City has received several complaints regarding dog owners failing to properly pick up dog waste. Picking up after your dog and properly disposing of dog waste is not only respectful to your neighbors, but it's the law. Please keep the following in mind when taking your dog for a stroll:

  • Keep bags with you for dog waste pickup during your walk.
  • Waste should be carried with you, and disposed of in a public waste receptacle or at your own property.  Please do not place dog waste in or next to other people's waste bins, or in any other place other than a public waste receptacle or your own waste receptacle.
  • Remember Bexley's leash law - dogs should be kept on-leash at all times when out for a walk.

Some extra pro tips from our panel of City Hall staff dog enthusiasts:

  • Schneider Park, with its main entrance at Astor just west of Sheridan, is dog-friendly, with a dog waste station, and a great natural setting for dog walkers.  
  • Make sure to bring more than one bag on your walk - dogs can be prolific!
  • Compostable or biodegradable dog waste bags can be purchased at Pet People on Main Street, or online, and are an earth-friendly alternative to plastic bags.

Food Waste Composting Program

Deadline to Apply is February 15th! Program Starts February 25th

The last few days to register for our initial deployment of food waste composting containers are upon us! The deadline to receive a container for the first month of the program is February 15, 2019. After that deadline, the first deployment of composting containers will be distributed to participating households. The program will begin on Monday, February 25th! To apply for the program or find more information, please visit

After the February 15th deadline, we will be adding participants who register on a month-to-month basis. So, if you register on February 18th, you won't receive your composting container until April 1st.


Report a Pot Hole

Call the Bexley Public Service Department at (614) 559-4220, or Bexley Base it!

As you might have noticed, potholes are a common problem during the winter months in Ohio. Bexley City crews strive to catalog and repair severe potholes in a timely and proper manner (often within 24 hours from when they were reported), however on rare occasions a few may go unnoticed. If you are aware of a pothole please report it to the City's Public Service Department at (614) 559-4220. Additionally you can report potholes on the Bexley Base mobile app! 


Post Office Survey - Last Reminder!

The City of Bexley, in participation with Bexley's rep for the USPS Advisory Council, has put together a post office survey intended to provide residents living in the 43209 zip code with an opportunity to evaluate their experience with postal service delivery. The results of this baseline survey will be shared with management of the US Postal Service (USPS) and posted on the City of Bexley website. To complete the survey sharing your experiences with 43209 postal service, please click here.


Deadline Extended to Select Different Recycling Toter Size

New Deadline: January 28th by 5:00 pm

As you may already know, the City of Bexley received a grant which will provide every Bexley resident with a 96-gallon recycling toter. Unless indicated, you will receive this toter in April. We originally had a deadline of January 21st to select a smaller toter size, but we are pushing that cut off date to January 28 by 5:00 pm. To select a smaller toter size, please visit We currently have 48, 64, and 96 gallon toters displayed outside of City Hall for residents to use as a reference. 

If you have a smaller red (or blue) Rumpke recycling bin, you can continue to use that for overflow recycling if necessary. If you would like to just use the toter you will receive in April, please clearly mark your smaller bin as "TRASH" and Rumpke will pick it up!