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New Recycling Carts Are On Their Way

New recycling toters are rolling out to residents now.  See below for our recycling toter FAQ.
How much does the recycling toter cost?
We’ve received a grant from SWACO and the Recycling Partnership for the majority of the cost of the new toters with the remainder of the cost paid through the existing refuse rate, so there will be no additional charge for the new toters.
What should we do with our old red Rumpke bins?
If you wish to dispose of an existing red recycling bin, please place it by your collection spot on May 20th and they’ll be collected for re-use or recycling.  If you do not wish to dispose of your existing bins, they can be reused for storage or overflow recycling in the future.
Will collection of my recycling change with this new toter program?
Good news - there will be no change to pickup day or frequency.  Rumpke will continue to collect recycling weekly on Mondays.
Can I request a smaller or larger recycling container?
We ask all residents to use the cart for 30 days before deciding whether it is the correct size for you. 96 gallon toters are being deployed across Bexley, with the exception of residents who signed up for different sizes earlier this year.  The larger toter accommodates higher volumes of recyclables to encourage recycling. If after 30 days you’d still like a different size toter, please call (614) 559-4220.
When my recycling toter was delivered, the lid was bent. Is it broken?
No! Some lids will be bent but should flatten out and close properly over time.

If we’ve purchased a City of Bexley recycling toter in the past, do I get an additional one?
If you’ve already purchased a recycling toter, you are eligible for an additional toter upon request* by calling (614) 559-4220.

What if I have an extra toter and want to re-mark it for a different type of waste?
Existing toters, if clearly and fully re-marked accordingly, can be used for solid waste or yard waste.  

If you don't receive a toter in the next few days, one will be delivered to you soon. Please call our Service Department with any questions at (614) 559-4220.  As a reminder, City Hall opens at 8:00 am.

♻ Happy recycling! ♻

* Note: we readily admit that communication regarding situations where residents have pre-existing recycling toters has been inconsistent.  Our apologies for this; because we are working with grant funding we have had to adjust the way we are distributing to residents who already had purchased recycling toters.


43209 Post Office Survey Results

Thank you for helping us complete the 2019 43209 Post Office Survey. We received responses from over 500 households in the 43209 area, providing us with very good information to share with the management of the US Postal Service (USPS) and the USPS Consumer Advisory Council. Additionally, we've shared these results with Representative Joyce Beatty and the Central Ohio congressional delegation, as well as the Inspector General of the USPS.  

We'll keep working on doggedly advocating for improved service and benchmarking progress in the future. Special thanks to Richard Stoff, who serves as the 43209 representative to the Consumer Advisory Council, and who was instrumental in creating the survey and working to analyze the results, draft the report, and distribute the survey. To view the survey results, click here.


Composting Program Goes City-Wide Today

Containers are being delivered!

Just a reminder, our composting program rolls out City-wide today, February 25th! For residents who are part of the current pilot program and do not wish to continue, please place your 5-gallon container out with a note that indicates you no longer wish to participate in the program. Your container will be collected and we will take you off of our list! 

Residents who are currently part of the pilot program and wish to continue with it need to re-register! If you haven't registered by now, you will have a month break from the program and you will get a new container and a supply of liners starting in April. To re-register, please visit www.bexley.org/food-waste.

Containers will be delivered to registered participants, along with several months supply of liners with instructions. To view composting instructions, please click here. Please be patient with us as we start this program for the entire community! If your container is not delivered, please call us at City Hall - (614) 559-4200. 


Reminder: Please Pick Up After Your Dog

Reminders and Pro Tips for Bexley's Canine Friends

The City has received several complaints regarding dog owners failing to properly pick up dog waste. Picking up after your dog and properly disposing of dog waste is not only respectful to your neighbors, but it's the law. Please keep the following in mind when taking your dog for a stroll:

  • Keep bags with you for dog waste pickup during your walk.
  • Waste should be carried with you, and disposed of in a public waste receptacle or at your own property.  Please do not place dog waste in or next to other people's waste bins, or in any other place other than a public waste receptacle or your own waste receptacle.
  • Remember Bexley's leash law - dogs should be kept on-leash at all times when out for a walk.

Some extra pro tips from our panel of City Hall staff dog enthusiasts:

  • Schneider Park, with its main entrance at Astor just west of Sheridan, is dog-friendly, with a dog waste station, and a great natural setting for dog walkers.  
  • Make sure to bring more than one bag on your walk - dogs can be prolific!
  • Compostable or biodegradable dog waste bags can be purchased at Pet People on Main Street, or online, and are an earth-friendly alternative to plastic bags.

Food Waste Composting Program

Deadline to Apply is February 15th! Program Starts February 25th

The last few days to register for our initial deployment of food waste composting containers are upon us! The deadline to receive a container for the first month of the program is February 15, 2019. After that deadline, the first deployment of composting containers will be distributed to participating households. The program will begin on Monday, February 25th! To apply for the program or find more information, please visit www.bexley.org/food-waste.

After the February 15th deadline, we will be adding participants who register on a month-to-month basis. So, if you register on February 18th, you won't receive your composting container until April 1st.

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