Columbus Changes to Traffic Signal at Main St & Alum Creek Dr

City of Columbus crews will make safety enhancements to the traffic signal at the intersection of E. Main Street and Alum Creek Drive the week of February 27, weather permitting. Crews will change the signal operation as seen from westbound E. Main Street at Alum Creek Drive.  Under the current configuration, vehicles can make a left turn when the signal is green (green circle) or when there is a green arrow.  

The signal operation will be changed to permit left turns only when the green arrow is lit. A red arrow will be displayed to remind drivers and cyclists in the turn lane that the turn is not allowed until the green arrow is displayed. The changes to this traffic signal will reduce the likelihood of a collision with left turning vehicles while maintaining the flow of traffic.

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Upcoming Columbia Gas Public Improvement Projects


Columbia Gas of Ohio will continue pipeline improvements on Parkview, Drexel, Stanbery and Maryland Avenues as well as Ashbourne Place/Road in the winter/spring of 2017. There are preliminary construction procedures that may include locating and recording the sewer line from inside your home to the outside. Columbia Gas representatives, in conjunction with their contractor RLA Utilities/Northern Pipeline will come to customer's homes to perform this work, and will leave a door tag with contact information if customers are unavailable. All Columbia contractors carry an ID and will be happy to show it. For additionalinformationregarding these projects visit


Bexley's Hands Free Ordinance Now In Effect

Hands-on use of mobile devices restricted

At Tuesday night's City Council meeting, council voted to approve Ordinance 27-16, prohibitting the hands-on use of mobile communication devices while driving.  Under the new law, drivers must either use hands-free devices to make and receive calls (such as bluetooth in-car and after-market calling systems), or pull out of the flow of traffic to make or receive calls.  The law is very similar to laws in place in 14 states and many cities in the Cleveland region.  Signage will be installed at all entry-points to the City, and a public information campaign and a warning period will preceed enforcement.  

Frequently Asked Questions:

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Mosquito Season is here - You can help

Mosquito Season has officially arrived.  

Mosquitoes are active day & night.  Mosquitoes can spread diseases.  Wear insect repellent with DEET to protect yourself from mosquito bites. Don't invite mosquitoes inside.  Keep your window screens and screened doors in good shape to keep mosquitoes out.  Clogged gutters make a perfect home for mosquito eggs.  Check your gutters and clean them out so they are mosquito-free.  Mosquito spraying is only one part of our mosquito management program. Surveillance is the backbone of the program.  Franklin County periodically sprays to kill mosquitoes.  These dates will be posted on our web site.

Residents may opt out of spraying at their property by filling out a "no spray" request form by clicking here. For more information on the testing and treatment program offered by Franklin County Public Health, click here.

Read Below for Mosquito Control Tips:

Is Your Property a Mosquito Farm? With summer coming, the mosquito population is growing. For mosquitoes to breed, they need standing water. Rain barrels, kid pools, buckets, trash cans, puddles, landscape ponds, malfunctioning gutters, and any source of standing water can provide a perfect environment for mosquitoes if not properly taken care of.  Eliminate all sources of standing water on your property, and make sure to keep rain barrels properly screened and provided with mosquito tablets.


Public Notice

Public Notice, Division of the State Fire Marshal, Bureau of Underground Storage Tank Regulations

Pursuant to the rules governing the remediation of releases of petroleum from underground storage tank (UST) system(s), notice to the public is required whenever there is a confirmed release of petroleum from an UST system(s) that requires a remedial action plan.  Notice is hereby given that a confirmed release of petroleum has occurred from the UST system(s) located at:


A proposed remedial action plan (RAP) dated June 21, 2016, was submitted by the owner and/or operator of the UST system(s) for the renew and approval of the State Fire Marshal (SFM).  Once the SFM has reviewed and approved the proposed RAP, the owner and/or operator of the UST system(s) will be required to implement the proposed RAP.

A copy of the proposed RAP, as well as other documentation relating to this release and the UST system(s) involved, is maintained by the Bureau of Underground Storage Tank Regulations (BUSTR), and are available for inspection and copying by the public.  Please make all requests for copies of the proposed RAP or for inspection of the RAP and other related documentation in writing to BUSTR, P.O. Box 687, Reynoldsburg, Ohio 43068.

An order form and publications that may help you to understand the requirements for compliance with BUSTR's rules and regulations may be found on the Internet at

The SFM will accept written comments on this RAP for a period of 21 days from the date of publication of this notice.  You may submit any comments regarding this site and the RAP, in writing, at the above address.  For further information, please contact David Israel at (614) 752-7225.  Please reference release #25002648-N00001 when making all inquires or comments.