City Launches the Bexley Blast Hotline

We've focused over the past year on developing the Bexley Blast email into a consistent, pertinent communication for Bexley residents wanting to have information about upcoming events and issues in the City.  In order to extend that message to residents who may be less comfortable using internet communications, the City is launching the Bexley Blast Hotline starting on April 5th.  Each Friday, the Blast Hotline will be updated with the same up-to-date information contained in the Blast, slightly edited to provide better access to information and events to residents who are not using the internet.  

To receive Bexley Blast Hotline updates, call (614) 559-4202.


State of the Community Video

The Bexley State of the Community address was held on March 14th.  Video of the address is being produced by a wonderful team of students at Capital University and will be posted here shortly.


Bexley 2020: What Is Your Vision for Bexley?

As part of the City's ongoing strategic planning process, the Mayor is in the process of updating the City's 5-year strategic plan*, and City Council will be discussing broad-based strategic planning at its upcoming retreat in February.  What would you like to see happen in Bexley in the next 5 years or beyond?  Join the conversation on Facebook, or email (this emails the Mayor, City Council, and the Auditor).  We'd love to hear from you!

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Read the Administration Position Paper on the Alternative Revenue Recommendations

The Mayor's/administration's "Position Paper" on the Alternative Revenue Task Force Recommendations analyzes the Task Force recommendations and provides some alternative and new recommendations for "alternative revenue".  The report can be viewed, along with the Mayor's cover letter, at the Mayor's page (


Winter Weather

With the winter weather season upon us, we want to remind all residents of the importance of keeping streets clear for our snow plows and salt trucks when wintry conditions are imminent.  If possible, please use your driveway or garage to park your cars rather than on streets.  Our drivers can do a much better job clearing streets when they do not have to contend with parked cars.  Thank you.