Broad Street Phase II Construction begins This Week

Construction on Phase II of the city's Broad Street Reconstruction Project is well underway.  As a result eastbound traffic along Broad Street is currently reduced to one lane from Stanwood to Gould Road.  Construction is expected to wrap up by the first of December (weather dependent) baring a few clean up items which may carry over into 2017.  Construction activities include new curbs and gutters, asphalt resurfacing, landscaped medians and aesthetic improvements (standardized signage/lighting).


Zoning Code Modernization Process Update

The latest zoning code modernization draft has been circulated to members of the BZA, Planning Commission, and City Council, and can be downloaded by clicking here.  The next step in this process is for City Council to discuss proposed changes, and hold hearings to discuss the companion ordinance that would adopt the zoning code modernization.  We will post updates to www.bexley.org as this process advances.


Guidance on Discouraging Unwanted Soliciting & Lit Drops

Recently we've received complaints from residents who have received graphic literature that is nonetheless protected by freedom of speech laws.  Residents have several options to protect themselves from receiving unwanted literature drops or solicitation:

Option 1: Send letters to specific solicitors to avoid unwanted solicitation
In the instance of specific solicitors who are circulating literature or engaging in direct solicitation, residents can send a certified letter to the organization requesting to not be solicited.  Violation of this request would constitute criminal trespass, and will be enforced by the City of Bexley.  Click here to download a sample form letter for delivery via certified mail (MS Word Format).

Option 2: Post a notice against specific types of solicitation on your property
Residents have a right to post against specific types of solicitation.  Click here to download a fillable sign to prohibit specific types of solicitation and literature distribution.

Option 3: Post a notice against any type of solicitation on your property
Notices against all solicitation are effective in prohibiting solicitors, but may not be effective in prohibiting literature drops. Note that a blanket prohibition against soliciting also prohibits community groups (i.e. Bexley Boosters, Girl Scouts, etc) from soliciting. 

Option 4: Post a "No Trespassing" sign on your property
A prominently placed "no trespassing" sign will prohibit any uninvited guests from entering your property and is enforceable per Bexley's criminal trespassing ordinance.

As a reminder - unlike in the case of protected political speech, commercial solicitation (solicitors engaged in selling goods or services) are required to register for and obtain a Bexley solicitor's permit.  If you observe an individual or group violating Bexley's solicitor laws, please contact the Bexley Police Department non-emergency number at (614) 559-4200.


Bexley Joins OhioCheckbook.com

This week, Bexley went live with our "open checkbook" site, a project of the Ohio Treasurer's office.  To view Bexley's open checkbook, visit bexley.ohiocheckbook.com.  The open checkbook allows full records searches of all financial transactions within the City, and is paid for by the Ohio Treasurer's office.  


Automated External Defibrillators (AED)

The Bexley Police Departments wants to thank the Bexley Community Foundation for the grant we received to replace the departments outdated AEDs.  

Sudden cardiac arrest can happen anywhere, anytime to people of all ages.  When this happens there is a 7% survival rate.  However, that percentage goes up to 45% if the victim is treated quickly.  This treatment in the City of Bexley comes from the quick, professional response of the Bexley Police Department and being properly equipped to provide temporary care until medical help arrives. 

Thank you Bexley Community Foundation for your support and partnership.