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City of Bexley Statement on Bird Motorized Scooters

Earlier today (Wednesday, July 11, 2018), the City of Bexley discovered that several “Bird” electric motorized scooters had been pre-positioned at locations along Main Street in Bexley. The placement of the scooters on City property was done without prior communication from the Bird company or its representatives.

As we currently interpret the Ohio Revised Code, a change in Ohio law would be required for Bird to legally operate in Bexley, or any Ohio city.  It is the City of Bexley's understanding that both Ohio and Bexley law prohibits the use of motorized scooters on the roadway or sidewalk (Ohio Revised Code 4501, 4511.214 and Bexley Codified Ordinance 474.12).  Additionally, concerns regarding the placement and staging of vehicles in City right-of-way would require any user to obtain permission from the City prior to establishing a private vehicle rental operation that requires the use of City property.  The City of Bexley has contacted the Bird company and made them aware of our interpretation that their current business model is not compatible with Ohio law.  

As a City and a community, Bexley is open to new technology, supportive of alternative and especially clean forms of transportation, and excited to see innovative business models emerging that provide value to our community.  We would be happy to work with any private transportation companies to see how we can legally and responsibly provide new and exciting opportunities for our residents.