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Composting Program Goes City-Wide Today

Containers are being delivered!

Just a reminder, our composting program rolls out City-wide today, February 25th! For residents who are part of the current pilot program and do not wish to continue, please place your 5-gallon container out with a note that indicates you no longer wish to participate in the program. Your container will be collected and we will take you off of our list! 

Residents who are currently part of the pilot program and wish to continue with it need to re-register! If you haven't registered by now, you will have a month break from the program and you will get a new container and a supply of liners starting in April. To re-register, please visit www.bexley.org/food-waste.

Containers will be delivered to registered participants, along with several months supply of liners with instructions. To view composting instructions, please click here. Please be patient with us as we start this program for the entire community! If your container is not delivered, please call us at City Hall - (614) 559-4200.