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Deadline Extended to Select Different Recycling Toter Size

New Deadline: January 28th by 5:00 pm

As you may already know, the City of Bexley received a grant which will provide every Bexley resident with a 96-gallon recycling toter. Unless indicated, you will receive this toter in April. We originally had a deadline of January 21st to select a smaller toter size, but we are pushing that cut off date to January 28 by 5:00 pm. To select a smaller toter size, please visit www.bexley.org/recycle. We currently have 48, 64, and 96 gallon toters displayed outside of City Hall for residents to use as a reference. 

If you have a smaller red (or blue) Rumpke recycling bin, you can continue to use that for overflow recycling if necessary. If you would like to just use the toter you will receive in April, please clearly mark your smaller bin as "TRASH" and Rumpke will pick it up!