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Leaf Collection  

Collected on a Daily Basis Monday - Friday

The City of Bexley began leaf pickup on October 29th. The crews began on the west side of the City and will be moving east. Each day, Monday through Friday, the pickup crews will be designated to a different section of the City. Please check our website daily for updates.

Tuesday, December 18th:

Round 3:

  • North - we have two crews in the north section - one is on Commonwealth at Parkview heading east and one is on Columbia at Boston heading north
  • Central - crew is on Bryden at Drexel heading west
  • South - crew is on College at Charles heading south

 Leaf Collection Guidelines:

  • Rake leaves to the back of the curb but not in the street.
  • Please keep leaves out of storm sewers and stream banks. Leaves can cause bacteria that depletes the oxygen and can kill fish and other stream organisms.
  • Leaves can also be collected during scheduled yard waste collection dates if they are placed in paper bags and marked “yard waste”.