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Trash and Recycling Service Changes for 2019

Important - Changes Are Coming! Starting January, 2019

Starting in January, 2019, there will be a couple changes to the City’s trash and recycling services that you need to know about. Changes include:

  • Elimination of “walk up” solid waste service
    Due to a sharp increase in bid costs, coupled with increasing recycling volumes making this service less impactful, solid waste “walk up/concierge” service is no longer a part of our contract. For those not familiar with this service, it is a service that has been offered to residents who do not have alley access for trash pickup.  Residents who have a documented medical condition can receive this service free of charge simply by providing the required documentation (Drivers license matching their billing address and statement of condition/limitation signed by a licensed medical professional) to City Hall.  Residents who would like to opt in to this service for $8.50 per month can contract directly with Rumpke by calling (800) 828-8171 or visiting www.rumpke.com; please contact Rumpke by 1/4/19 to ensure uninterrupted walk-up service.  Please note that starting on January 14th, residents who currently receive "walk-up/concierge" service will need to bring all items to the curb for collection.

  • New Recycling Receptacles
    Every residence will receive a 96 gallon wheeled and lidded recycling toter which the property owner will own and maintain. If you would like to opt for a smaller, 64 or 48 gallon recycling toter, please click here or call (614) 559-4200.  Residents who already have a toter may continue to use their toter for excess recycling, or may opt out of receiving an additional toter.  Please note that toters will be delivered later in the 1st quarter of 2019.

  • Curbside Food Waste Recycling
    After review of our pilot food waste collection program, we will be expanding this program city-wide. Residents who are interested, including residents who are a part of the current pilot program, will need to opt-in to receive the service. To sign up now, fill out the form online by visiting www.bexley.org/food-waste, or call (614) 559-4200.  Please note that the curbside program will not commence until February, 2019.

  • Other Services Remain The Same
    All items, including solid waste, bulk pickup, yard waste, recycling, and food waste recycling will still be picked up weekly on Mondays.

  • Effective January 1, 2019, the following rates will apply for refuse service:
    • $78.75/quarter, the senior rate is $70.86

If you have any additional questions please contact the service department at (614) 559-4220.