Police Department Info

Police Chief:
Chief Larry Rinehart 

Police Captain:
Captain Ken Gough

Executive Assistant to the Chief:
Yvette Nguyen

Contact & Location:
559 N Cassingham Rd
Bexley, Ohio 43209
Phone: (614) 559-4444
Fax:     (614) 559-4441 

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Bexley Police Department

Welcome to the Bexley Police Department.  Our core beliefs are forged in "FIRE", defined by: Fairness, Integrity, Respect, and Empathy.

Police Department Quick Links:
Bexley Safety Bulletins
Welcome: Bexley Police Department Mission/Vision Statement
A History of the Bexley Police Department


Kenneth Gough Promoted to Captain

In a ceremony on Monday, April 18, 2016, receiving the promotion to the rank of Captain was Sgt. Kenneth Gough. Captain Gough was hired as a police officer in October of 1998 and promoted to Sergeant in June of 2006. Captain Gough has held assignments in the Patrol Division and the Detective Bureau. Cpt. Gough is also a Field Training Officer, Bike Patrol Officer and a Crisis Intervention Team Member.  He looks forward to establishing relationships with the community. 


Captain Bryan Holbrook Retires

After a 31 year career with the Bexley Police Department, Captain Bryan Holbrook retired effective March 18, 2016.  Captain Holbrook had been with the police department since 1985 and was promoted to the position of Sergeant in July of 1998. As Sergeant, he served in the Patrol Division and Detective Bureau, as well as serving as a Crisis Intervention Team Member. In 2011, Sgt. Holbrook was promoted to Captain. As Captain, he served as the Deputy Chief of Police.  Captain Holbrook will be missed by all who had the honor of working with him.






Register your Bicycle with the Bexley Police Department

With the weather warming up, its time to pull out the bicycles.  If your bicycle is not registered, please come to the Bexley Police Department and have it done. This is a free service. By registering your bicycle, you are increasing the likelihhood of getting it returned when lost or stolen.

In order to register your bicycle with the Bexley Police Department you will need the following information:

  • Serial Number
  • Style Boys/Girls
  • Make
  • Model
  • Color


Citizens Police Academy

Applications are being accepted for the 2016 Bexley Police Department Citizen Police Academy.

The academy is designed to give citizens a better understanding of the capabilities of the police department. It is not intended to make citizens into police officers, but to allow citizens to learn more about police operations and to experience the following: crime scene investigations, crime prevention, traffic enforcement, gang awareness, firearms/use of force, ride-along, and legal requirements.  Participants will be afforded "hands-on" experience in working with some of the equipment utilized by our officers.

The Citizen Police Academy meets on 1 evening a week between the hours of 6:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. The Academy runs for 10 weeks and is held at the Bexley Police Department's training room, located at 559 North Cassingham Road.  Participants are required to attend seven of the ten classes to be eligible for graduation. There is maximum of 12 students per class.  There is no cost to attend.

Anyone who lives or works in Bexley will be able to participate. Applicants who would not be considered are: Persons who have applications pending with a law enforcement agency, persons with known criminal history, persons under 21 years of age, and persons living and working outside of the Bexley city limits.

The Academy will run from Tuesday, September 27, 2016 - Tuesday, November 29, 2016.

If you are interested in attending, please contact Sgt. D. Overly-Sheterom at 614-559-4444 or doverly@bexley.org


Vacation House Checks

Did you know that the Bexley Police Department offers vacation house checks while you’re away?  If you register your home for a house check, officers will provide a daily property check and keep an extra eye on your property while you’re away.  Please note that some properties, such as properties that are protected by alarm systems, are not eligible for vacation house checks.  To register your home for a vacation house check, call (614) 559-4444.