Police Department Info

Police Chief:
Chief Larry Rinehart 

Police Captain:
Captain Ken Gough

Executive Assistant to the Chief:
Yvette Nguyen

Contact & Location:
559 N Cassingham Rd
Bexley, Ohio 43209
Phone: (614) 559-4444
Fax:     (614) 559-4441 

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Bexley Police Mission, Vision, & Core Beliefs


Mission Statement
We, the men and women of the Bexley Police Department, are dedicated to the following as our mission:

  • Enhancing the quality of life by working with agencies and individuals to provide a safe, friendly, secure community.
  • Treating all persons we encounter with dignity and respect.
  • Maintaining high professional and ethical standards in the performance of our duties.
  • Reducing fear of crime by maintaining order and peace in the community.
  • Enforcing the laws of the United States, State of Ohio and City of Bexley in a fair, impartial manner without violating the constitutional rights of  any citizen.

Vision Statement  
The Bexley Police Department will continue to be an organization that operates in a cohesive, team-oriented fashion to provide service to the community. 

Officers and employees will be well educated and well trained. We will be an accredited agency that operates in a facility designed specifically to support a law enforcement operation.

The department and the community will maintain a positive relationship that is based on openness and trust. Department operations will be enhanced by the expanded use of available technology.

Our bottom line will continue to be the quality of service that we provide. Our measure of success will continue to be the satisfaction of our customers.

Core Beliefs
Our core beliefs are forged in "FIRE":

FAIRNESS:  The fair and impartial treatment of others. Adapting to each new circumstance with professionalism and common sense.

INTEGRITY:  The honest and ethical performance of our duties. The acceptance of full accountability for our actions. Doing the right thing, the right way, at the right time.

RESPECT:  Respect for the law and respect for the human dignity of all people.

EMPATHY:  The importance of seeing things from the other person’s point of view. The ability to be sensitive to the feelings of the people we serve.