Recreation & Parks Info

Recreation Director:
Michael Price

Deputy Director:

Natalie Mullin

Recreation Supervisors:
Mary Ellen DeLaney (Senior Programs)
Barb Greiner (EC, Youth/Adult Programs)
Katie Sarvas (BAC Pack, JSCP, & SOCO)
Kevin Smith (Youth/Adult Sports)
Jeff Storer (Youth/Adult Sports)

Recreation Coordinators:
Steve Gipe (Pool & BAC Pack)
Adam Myers (BAC Pack & JSCP)
Cate Swendal (JM Preschool)

Recreation Office Contact & Location:
165 North Parkview Avenue
Bexley, Ohio 43209

Phone: (614) 559-4300
Fax: (614) 559-4301  

Monday-Friday 8:00 am - 4:30 pm

Bexley Pool Contact & Location:
2100 Clifton Ave.
Bexley, Ohio 43209

Phone: (614) 559-4350 
M-F - 12:00-9:00pm
Sat/Sun - 11:00am-8:00pm
School Days (May 29/30) - 4:30-8:00pm

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Membership & Fees

Become a member of the David H. Madison Community Pool today as prices have remained the same for the 2019 season! We look forward to the start of our 13th season!

Bexley Pool memberships are for Bexley Residents and sponsored non-resident families.

2019 Pool Membership Form

DO NOT THROW AWAY YOUR MEMBERSHIP CARDS FROM LAST YEAR! If you were a member from the 2018 pool season, your card (s) was deactivated and will be reactivated upon the purchase of a 2019 membership. Please refresh yourself with our membership policies:

  • Memberships may be mailed in along with payment, purchased at the Recreation Office, or purchased at the pool front desk (starting May 25th).
  • Memberships are limited to two adults and their unmarried children 22 & under, which all live in the same household.
  • Babysitters/caretakers may be added to a family membership as a Plus 1 for the cost of $118. Please list as (i.e.) Smith – Plus 1 so the pass may be used for multiple babysitters.
  • Children 1 year old and younger are FREE.
  • Access into the pool facility will not be granted without a card.
  • All cards MUST be scanned upon entrance into the pool facility at the front desk, so please make them readily available.
  • Lost cards must be re-purchased for $2/card or $5 total for three or more. 
  • Any card that has issues with scan recognition may be subject to a new card printed at no additional charge.

New pool members may pick up their membership cards at the pool front desk May 25th and after.


(Jan. 2 - April 1)    (April 2 & On) 
 Family of 6+  $305  $330
 Family of 5  $289  $314
 Family of 4  $273  $298
 Family of 3  $256  $281
 Family of 2  $240  $265
 Student Individual  $78  $103
(11 and over)    
Adult Individual        $145  $160
(18 and over)    
 Senior Couple         $104  $129
(55 and over)    
 Senior Individual     $78  $103
(55 and over)    

 Plus 1






NOTE:  As a Bexley Pool member, you will have the privilege of buying a daily admission pass booklet for your non-resident guests. The cost is $85 for 14 guest passes to the pool. These will be available at the pool front desk.


In order to become a sponsored non-resident family, the following must take place (Limit one sponsorship per Bexley family):

  • Come into the Recreation Office with his/her sponsoring family member to fill out the appropriate forms.
  • The sponsoring family member must be a 2019 Bexley Pool Member and will be asked to sign for and assume full responsibility for the non-resident family.
  • Any misuse of the non-resident membership may result in the deactivation of that family’s membership and may affect sponsoring privileges in the future for the sponsoring resident.
  • All NR members are also required to follow the membership policies as listed above for residents.

Non-Resident Members qualify for the following:

1. Plus 1 Memberships ($148)
2. Birthday Tent Rentals ($125)
3. $85 Guest Pass Cards
4. Learn to Swim Program ($105)


 Non-Residents Rates




 Family of 6+



 Family of 5



 Family of 4



 Family of 3



 Family of 2



 Adult Individual (18+)

 Student Individual (11+)




 Senior Couple (55+)



 Senior Individual (55+)

 Plus 1




The amount of sponsored non-resident memberships available is limited.


Daily admission applies to all Bexley residents that are not members. All patrons entering the facility as a daily must check in at the front desk, varify residence in Bexley, and pay the daily admission fee. Re-entry to the facility is permitted with a re-check in at the front desk.

TYPE  Noon to 6pm   6 to 9pm (5-8pm when applicable)
 Adult (18+)



 Child (17-)



 Senior (55+)



 Infant (1 and under)