Bexley Post Office Contacts

Postal service in Bexley is provided by the 43209 post office located at 2935 East Main Street in Eastmoor.  

First Step When Experiencing Issues with the Post Office - Make Sure to Contact the Centralized Customer Service Center of USPS

If you are experiencing problems with your postal delivery, please contact 1-800-ASK-USPS, or visit the service section of  By calling the national number, your complaint is centrally registered and becomes part of the statistics by which the postal service monitors localized issues.  It is incredibly important that residents experiencing issues first contact the national USPS customer service.

Additionally, you can contact these USPS officials with concerns (or compliments!):

Susie Ruff
USPS Columbus Customer Relations Coordinator
(614) 469-4236

Maureen Gerst-Stewart
Columbus Postmaster