Historic Preservation Working Group

The Historic Preservation Working Group was created to implement new practices towards the preservation of historic structures within Bexley, and to recognize the benefits of preserving our existing quality in order to maintain the historically unique character seen throughout Bexley.  



Historic Preservation Documents and Resources

Bexley's Demolition Ordinance
Bexley's demolition ordinance specifies criteria for determing worthiness of preservation 

Bexley Neighborhood Stabilization Plan (1981)
This plan was created by planning firm Feinkopnf Macioce Schappa in order to examine Bexley's population trends, the condition and characteristics of its housing stock, and previous plans and land-use regulations. Identified are future population level projections as well as housing needs for the City's population. Furthermore, opportunities for development in residential areas are evaluated, providing detailed data describing specific neighborhood areas. Specific projects, policies, and implimentation methods to meet the housing needs of Bexley's citizens are reccomended within this plan.   

Main Street Design Guidlines (2002)
Main Street is the commercial heart of Bexley, and the vitality of Main Street is directly linked to the vitality of Bexley. Therefore, maintaining, enhancing, and revitalizing the Main Street corridor is a primary goal of the city. This document was prepared by Myers Schmalenberger in order to outline Bexley's goals and objectives, as well as providing guidelines for the Main Street corridor, all established by the Main Street Design Guidelines Steering Committee. 

Bexley Land Use Strategy (2011)?


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