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Recreation Director:
Michael Price

Recreation Supervisors:
Barb Greiner
Natalie Mullin
Katie Sarvas
Kevin Smith
Jeff Storer

Senior Citizen Coordinator:
Mary Ellen DeLaney

Recreation Office Contact & Location:
165 North Parkview Avenue
Bexley, Ohio 43209

Phone: (614) 559-4300
Fax: (614) 559-4301  

Monday-Friday 8:00 am - 4:30 pm

Bexley Pool Contact & Location:
2100 Clifton Ave.
Bexley, Ohio 43209

Phone: (614) 559-4350 
Call for pool hours.

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Alum Creek Park Planning

In 2011, the Alum Creek Corridor Committe (ACCC) was created with a mission to create an accessible, interactive, and protected Alum Creek corridor along the length of Bexley's creekside in collaboration with community stakeholders and other jurisdictions.  One of the initial goals that came out of the ACCC was the creation of a park along Alum Creek from Main Street to Livingston.

One of the initial steps to developing a park along the creek was to create a park plan.  Thanks to a grant from the Bexley Community Foundation as well as a grant from the Jeffrey Foundation, funds have been secured for the creation of the park plan.  

This is where you, the Bexley Resident, comes in.  We are seeking input from the residents to drive the development of this park plan.  What do you want in a park along Alum Creek?  What type of amenities, what access, what programming, etc.  In an effort to gather as much feedback from the community as possible, we have developed a survey.  Please check out the survey through the link below.  Also, please pass this along to your neighbors and friends, as community input is key to the success of this project.

Alum Creek Park Plan Survey

Additionally, we have constructed an idea board that is located at the Farmers Market on the corner of Main Street and Parkview.  We encourage you to write your thoughts and ideas about what you would like to see in a park along Alum Creek onto the board.  

Once we have collected feedback through the survey and idea board, we will then schedule a community meeting in which we will encourage residents to provide feedback on draft park plans.   

Please feel free to contact the Bexley Recreation and Parks Department with any questions.  Please spread the word as, again, we need community input to develop a park that meets the needs of our community.