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Assistant Service Director:
Andy Bashore 

Service Department Assistant:
Anne Farley

Contact & Location:
2242 East Main Street
Bexley, Ohio 43209

Phone: (614) 559-4220
Fax:     (614) 559-4201 

Bexley Recycling and Toters Program


Every property owner in the City of Bexley will receive a Bexley branded recycling Toter thanks to a grant from the Solid Waste Authority of Central Ohio (SWACO), and The Recycling Partnership (TRP) in early May of 2019. At this time, if you did not specify a size, then a 96 gallon Toter (default) will automatically be deployed in the spring.

You may continue to use the red recycling bins (belong to current hauler), or other container for recyling accomadate any overflow from week to week, however we highly encourage you to use the Toters once they are in place. The City will continue to offer the Bexley branded solid waste Toters at a reduced price, as well as recycling Toters for those who need additional capacity.

The cost of the Toters after applying the grant finds equates to $0.48 a month, which is part of each residents monthly trash rate (discussed at City Council the past several months). These Toters are the property of the resident at the end of the three year contract.

New Recycling Toter Q&A

1. When will our new recycling toters be delivered?
The toters are scheduled to be delivered the week of May 13, 2019. 

2. If we’ve purchased a City of Bexley recycling toter in the past, what should we do with that?
If you already purchased a City of Bexley Toter (prior to 1.1.19) as part of the City's previous program you may opt to receive an additional recycling Toter, or solid waste Toter at no additional charge. Repurposing these Toters is not recomended do to cross contamination concerns as drivers are currently instructed and trained to look for blue recycling Toters. If repurposed they must be clearly marked. If not clearly marked they will be disposed of in the wrong truck which would contaminant the entire load.

3. How much does the recycling toter cost?
We’ve received a grant for these new toters. After grant money is applied, residents will pay .47 cents a month over a three-year term. This fee is already included in your quarterly refuse rate!

4. What should we do with our old red Rumpke bins?
If you have a red Rumpke bin, place it by your collection spot on May 20, 2019 and they’ll be collected.

5. Will collection of my recycling change with this new toter program?
Nope! Rumpke will continue to collect recycling on Mondays.

6. Can I request a smaller or larger recycling container?
We ask all residents to use the cart for 30 days before deciding whether it is the correct size for you. The 64-gallon toter is the standard size across Franklin County. If after 30 days you’d still like a different size toter, please call (614) 559-4220.

7. When my recycling toter was delivered, the lid was bent. Is it broken?
No! Some lids will be bent but will flatten out and close properly over time.

What Can I Recycle?

The City of Bexley is striving to be the first Zero Waste community in Franklin County, Ohio and our Green Team is currently in the process of developing the framework and roadmap to achieve this. One of the highest priorities of this team is proper waste diversion. In turn we hope the following links will help you better understand what can and what can not be recycled as well as how the recycling stream works.

How Recycling Works

How Recycling Doesn't Work

What You Can Recycle

Unacceptable Items


The City will Continue to offer Bexley Branded Recycling and Solid Waste Toters.

The City of Bexley offers a 48, 64, and 96 gallon Bexley branded recycling and solid waste Toters for purchase by residents at a discounted price.  These are commercial grade, industrial toters with lids and wheels, and the City's program is designed to encourage greater recycling and to better contain solid waste. There is a limit of 1 reduced price recycling toter and 1 solid waste toter per houshold.

Toters can be purchased at City Hall anytime between 8:00 am and 4:30 pm Monday thru Friday. Payment needs to be made at the time of purchase, by check or cash.

Recycling and Solid Waste toters are priced as follows:

48 gallon toter: $20
64 gallon toter: $20
96 gallon toter: $30

Delivery Cost: $10 (optional)

Prices include purchase of the can only.  Delivery can be provided by the City for an additional cost of $10, and will be provided on a weekly basis.  The City is not responsible for damage or loss of cans following delivery.  Trash and recycling pickup details are the same with toters as without toters, and residents may still use standard trash and recyling receptacles along with the new toters.