Capital University Stadium Application

Update (10/28/2014):

The City's Planning Commission voted to approve the Capital University stadium lights and sound application, subject to a modified version of the "Planning Approval Conditions" document that is a part of the October 27th staff report linked to in the paragraph below.  The modified version of the planning approval conditions document will be posted once it has been approved as a part of the minutes approval process for the October 27th meeting. To hear audio of the October 27th Planning Commission meeting, click here.

Update (10/27/2014):

The City's plan reviewer has provided a final staff report relative to the Capital University stadium lights and sound application. We have also posted correspondence that has been received relative to this application.

To view the staff report, please reference the following link:
Staff Report for October 27, 2014 Planning Commission Meeting - Capital Stadium Lights Application

To view correspondence received, please reference the following link:
Correspondence for October 27th application as of October 27, 2014

Update (10/20/2014):

The City's plan reviewer has provided a draft staff report relative to the Capital University stadium lights and sound application.  The final report could vary from the draft report; this draft is being provided in advance for those interested in viewing it in advance of the hearing.  

To view the draft staff report, please reference the following link:
DRAFT Staff Report for October 27, 2014 Planning Commission Meeting - Capital Stadium Lights Application

Update (10/06/2014):

Since early 2014, Capital University representatives have met with representatives of the City of Bexley as well as representatives of the South Bexley Neighborhood Association.  The product of this working group is a "Conditions of Approval" document.  The "Conditions of Approval" document was developed in several drafts.  Capital University submitted their revised application on October 6, 2014, with a version of the "Conditions of Approval" document.  The revised plan calls for the use of LED stadium lighting in place of the previously proposed light fixtures.  This "Conditions of Approval" document was largely developed in collaboration with the City and SBNA representatives, but does have specific conditions and language which were not agreeable to the SBNA.  The City of Bexley staff report is being prepared by the City's independent planning consultant and will be provided when available.  

To view the revised Capital University application, please reference the following links:
October 6, 2014 Capital University submitted "Conditions of Approval" document
October 6, 2014 Site Plan and Technical Info

Update (03/03/2014):

Draft studies and complete studies commissioned by the City relating to the Capital stadium lighting proposal can be viewed by clicking here.

Update (11/18/2013):

Slides from Capital's presentation at the November 18th public workshop can be downloaded here:

Slides from Capital's November 18th, 2013 Presentation

(note: the original presentation also included visual renderings of the stadium lights.  Those slides were ommitted in order to make the size of the document smaller and able to be emailed.  These renderings can be viewed in the "lighting presentation", downloadable here).

Update (11/1/2013):

This week Capital University tabled their application in order to conduct public workshops in November.  The public workshops are intended to provide a forum for continued dialogue with residents and an opportunity to discuss and workshop Capital's proposed Memorandum of Understanding and Facilities Management plan (see links below).  The two workshops are scheduled as follows:

Wednesday, November 6, 2013, 5:30pm
Harry C. Moores Student Union, Capital University

Monday, November 18, 6:00pm
Bexley High School 

To view a copy of the flyer that Capital has distributed summarizing their proposal and advertising the workshops, click here.  

The City of Bexley will provide a meeting facilitator in order to help facilitate productive dialogue between the University and residents.  The City has asked Larry Helman, Bexley resident and retired planner and partner with NBBJ, to facilitate the public workshops.  Mr. Helman is a member of the Bexley Tree Commission and the Main Street Guidelines Committee, a past member of the Bexley Land Use Strategy Commission as well as the Bexley Planning Commission, and has had considerable professional planning experience consulting with both cities and Universities throughout the United States and abroad in planning processes.

Update (10/10/2013):

This week the City of Bexley received a resubmittal of the stadium lighting application from Capital University.  The resubmittal includes lighting and speaker plans, as well as a proposed "facilities management plan" and a proposed "memorandum of understanding".  Planning Commission is scheduled to meet on October 28th at 6:00pm, with Capital's application being among the items for consideration on the Planning Commission agenda.  To view copies of the application documents click on the relevant links below:

Capital Stadium Lighting Presentation to Planning Commission

Capital Stadium Lighting Project Description

Proposed Facilities Management Plan

Proposed Memorandum of Understanding

The Planning Commission considers all applications that fall under its jurisdiction and are submitted in time for the monthly meeting.  This application was previously tabled by the applicant in order for the applicant to perform further research.  

The Planning Commission will be meeting on October 28th at 6:00pm at the Bexley Public Library Auditorium.  Please note the change of venue from the typical Planning Commission meeting location.  For questions regarding the application, please contact the Bexley Building Department at 559-4240.

Update (6/2013):

 Video of the June 3rd presentation to the Planning Commission can be viewed by clicking here.

A meeting is being planned between Capital University and neighbors to facilitate discussion of this issue for June 19th at 7:00pm - details for this meeting will be provided shortly.

The next review of this application will be held at the next Bexley Planning Commission Meeting on Monday, June 24th, at 6:00pm at Bexley City Council Chambers.

Original Article:

Residents wishing to learn more about Capital's Stadium Lighting and Sound System Application to the Bexley Planning Commission can download the Capital application here:

Capital University Stadium Lighting Application (8MB)
Capital University Stadium Lighting Plan (12MB)

For future reference, active applications are contained in the 'Public Documents' section of the website > Building & Zoning > Active Applications Under Review.

This application is for the installation of permanent lighting at the stadium and for the replacement of the existing speaker system.  

Residents wishing to view and listen to Capital's initial presentation of the plan to the Bexley Planning Commission on April 22, 2013 can watch video of the meeting by clicking here.