The Jeffrey Woods Festival


To register for the:

Bexley Maple Syrup Workshop

Wood Chop Shop

The 5th Annual Jeffrey Woods Festival will be held on Saturday, March 2nd from 8a-2p at the Clifton Shelter House by the pool parking lot.  Activities will include the Maple Syrup Production, the Wood Chop Shop (Registration is required), Axe Sharpening by Yellowwoods, a wood working project, a sawmill demonstration, and more.  The schedule of events is as follows (and subject to change):


8a-2p - Maple Syrup Production
8a-2p - Wood Chop (Registration is required)
9a-1p - Yellowood Design Studio Axe Sharpening
9a - Sawmill Demonstration
11a - Wood Working Projects 



Please note, this event is open to the public and please come and go as you please.  Special thank you to the Boy Scouts Troop 166 for all their help with this event.  

*No healthy trees were hurt in the making of this festival